150 thousand TL interest-free loan for newlyweds: When, to whom will the marriage loan be given, where to apply? Did it pass the Parliament?

150 thousand TL interest-free loan for newlyweds: When, to whom will the marriage loan be given, where to apply?  Did it pass the Parliament?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that couples who are getting married will be given a loan of 150 thousand liras with a 2-year grace period and a maturity of 48 months.

Couples who are preparing to get married started to wonder when the marriage loan will be given and its conditions. Minister Göktaş gave the good news of 150 thousand TL loan to young people. So, what are the conditions for an interest-free marriage loan? When will the 2023 marriage loan be given? Here are the details..

The 4 articles in the first part of the Bill on the Establishment of the Family and Youth Fund, which includes granting loans to couples who will get married with a grace period of 2 years and payment in 4 years, were accepted in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM).

The meeting, which was adjourned after the acceptance of 4 articles of the proposal, closed today at 15.00.

Priority in earthquake zone

Applications for the application, which will be launched in the earthquake zone, will be made online.

In addition, the loan amount will increase every year.

According to the accepted articles of the proposal, the Family and Youth Fund, which has a public legal entity affiliated with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, will be established.

20 percent of the income from oil, natural gas and mineral resources will be transferred to the fund.

The resources of the fund also consist of the incomes of the funds established or to be established by laws and decrees, amounts to be transferred up to 10 percent by the decision of the President, amounts consisting of repayments within the scope of projects for which repayment is foreseen, all kinds of cash donations, aid and grants from domestic and foreign sources, and other incomes. will occur.

What are the terms of interest-free marriage loan?

Minister of Family and Social Services Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş announced:

We sent it to the parliament, the ball is in the parliament’s court, we have completed all our work. We expect it to be implemented before the new year. We are starting it as a pilot project for the earthquake zone. We will then expand it. It was the good news that our young people had been waiting for.

We have created all the criteria, the entire infrastructure is now ready. (At what age will young people be able to benefit?) Like 18-27 years old, but all of these will be discussed in the Parliament. There is income criterion, there is age criterion. Not being involved in certain crimes and living in an earthquake zone…

Couples should also benefit from the Family Education Program and Premarital Education Program. Anyone who meets these criteria will be able to benefit from it. No refund for 2 years. A support we will provide with zero interest. Then we need to issue regulations. The reason we started from the pilot area is to support our youth in the earthquake zone. To be a moral motivation to get there.

It was also announced that the Family and Youth Bank will be launched before the new year.

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