2024 Olympic Games: the Olympic flame will burn thanks to a small business in Aisne

2024 Olympic Games: the Olympic flame will burn thanks to a small business in Aisne

Specializing in the formulation, packaging of aerosols and filling of gas cartridges, the small company MJ Conditionnement of Hartennes-et-Taux (Aisne), 11 employees, is undoubtedly one of the small thumbs of Paris 2024. But its role is essential. The company has the great responsibility of filling 10,000 cartridges with gas intended to supply the Olympic flame since his departure from Olympia in Greece on April 16.

“The Paris 2024 teams came to see us at the beginning of 2023 because we have been recognized in our field for fifteen years. It took several months of testing, reflection, and going back and forth with samples because we are working on a non-standard product. We received the official order at the beginning of January,” explains Steve Erca, technical director of MJ Conditionnement, which handles 3 million orders per year for mass distribution and professional distributors.

“It is a great pride to participate in this global event”

The first 1000 cartridges arrived a few days ago. Gas delivery is expected next week. A manual station will be set up exclusively for this unique order which will require the employment of a full-time employee for three to four weeks.

The first cartridges will leave at the end of February in one of the Paris 2024 logistics warehouses in the Reims region (Marne): “Even if we remain in the shadows, in terms of image, this market is important for us,” underlines Steve Erca. It is a great source of pride for us to participate in this global event. The flame will pass on July 17 in Soissons. Or about ten kilometers from the company. We will go see her! »

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