25 lira in the branch, 150 lira on the counter!

25 lira in the branch, 150 lira on the counter!

With only a few days left until February 14, Valentine’s Day, florists are making preparations for the day with great sales potential.

Before February 14, Valentine’s Day, which is identified with buying red roses for the lover, there is a busy harvest in the rose greenhouses in Adana’s Yüreğir district. Florists, who are trying to keep up with orders both at home and abroad, are very pleased with the intensity of demand.

Producers enter the greenhouse in the morning to harvest and cut flowers until the afternoon. After the cut flowers are sold at auction, they reach customers all over the country. In addition to meeting the demand in the domestic market, roses are also exported abroad.

While the yield is 7-8 thousand roses per decare, the rose sold for 25 lira per branch in the greenhouse is sold for 100-150 TL each in florists in the city and 150-200 TL on the internet.


Rose producer Ogün Sever Okur said that they were satisfied with the prices in the greenhouse, but the difference in scissors was large. Okur said, “The yield and prices are very good. The price in the branch makes us happy. We sell it for 25 lira, but it is sold in florists for 100-150 lira. The demand before February 14 is so high, we cannot meet it, we are working constantly. The lovers’ rose is leaving from here, but the scissors have seriously opened. Florists sell it for 100-150 lira in Adana, but prices increase even more in other cities. “We don’t know what to do about this,” he said.


Ogün Sever Okur noted that the price of roses increases on special days and that the prices will decrease after March 8. He said, “The prices will continue like this until March 8, after which the prices will begin to decrease.” “On special days, prices increase and then decrease,” he said.

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