50 thousand people applied for jobs at Bornova Employment Fair

50 thousand people applied for jobs at Bornova Employment Fair

The results analyzes of the Employment Fair organized by Bornova Municipality in Izmir in Bornova Büyükpark between 12-15 October 2023 with the participation of 120 companies, universities, chambers and associations have been published. According to the result analyzes prepared by interviews with participating companies, universities, chambers and associations; The number of job applications made during the 4-day Fair reached 49 thousand 744. While 1,641 of these applications were made to chambers, universities and associations, 512 of them came to Bornova Municipality Golden Bracelet Employment Center. 47 thousand 591 applications were made to participating companies.


Of the 512 applications received at the Golden Bracelet Stand, which won Bornova Municipality the vision project of the year award in 2019, 480 were job requests, 20 were course requests, and 12 were for the “Two Rooms, One Job” project, which is a study for women to work from home. came.

Bornova Mayor Dr. said that the Employment Fair appealed to a very wide audience. Mustafa İduğ said, “In addition to unskilled workers, women, part-time job seekers and young people at apprenticeship age also found job opportunities here. “I am honored and happy to have held a very important meeting in these days when everyone is worried about our country’s economy,” he said.

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