A court in Moscow used the classification of kisses when making a decision on LGBT propaganda

A court in Moscow used the classification of kisses when making a decision on LGBT propaganda

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow fined the film distributor “Russian Reporting TV Agency” 1 million rubles for distributing information among minors demonstrating non-traditional sexual relationships in the TV series “Episodes” without the age marking 18+. When making her decision, judge Olga Sinelnikova relied on the classification of kisses.

“When analyzing a fragment of a series (episode 5) of the multi-part film “Episodes”, containing a kissing scene between two persons presented as persons of the same biological sex (female), the classification of kisses was taken into account, one of which divides them into social and sensual, the latter differing depending on types of feelings that stand behind kissing signs (kisses of affection, kisses of tenderness, kisses of respect and kisses of love),” as indicated in the text solutions court.

According to the document, on May 20, the KinoLiving channel, owned by a television agency, showed episode 5 of the series “Episodes,” which contained scenes demonstrating non-traditional sexual relationships labeled 16+. The defendant admitted his guilt in full at the court hearing.

The court decided to find the film distributor guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 2 of Art. 6.21.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (dissemination among minors of information demonstrating non-traditional sexual relations). The film distributor was fined 1 million rubles.

Previously, the Russian Reporting TV Agency was brought to administrative responsibility under this article and was fined Savyolovsky Court of Moscow for 500 thousand rubles. On May 4, the film distributor allowed the distribution of an episode of the series “Made in Italy”, which demonstrates non-traditional sexual relationships, among minors, with the sign of information products “16+”.

On November 30, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the “international public movement of LGBT people” as extremist and banned its activities in the country. Since 2022, Russia has had a law banning LGBT propaganda among minors.

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Alexandra Goroshilova

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