A debt of 1.3 million euros to pay: the black streak continues for Duralex

A debt of 1.3 million euros to pay: the black streak continues for Duralex

The black streak continues for Duralex. After being forced to interrupt her activity for several months at the time of the energy crisis, the company, whose factory is in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (Loiret), in the agglomeration of Orléans, was once again put in difficulty, this time by a court decision.

The Orléans administrative court, on March 14, ordered the famous glassworks to pay a debt contracted in 2020 by the former operator, before its takeover in 2021, by the parent company of Pyrex.

230 employees

That year, Duralex, known worldwide for its inexpensive and ultra-strong glasses, had exceeded the greenhouse gas emissions quotas allocated to it. To be in compliance, the company would have had to pay for new rights, otherwise it would be fined 2 million euros. However, the glassworks found itself in liquidation that same year, without this debt having been paid.

At the current price, its amount could reach 1.3 million euros, which constitutes “a significant financial burden” likely to “seriously compromise the financial health of New Duralex International and its ability to maintain its activities in a sustainable manner”, specifies The direction.

Duralex, which employs 230 people, has decided to appeal the decision of the administrative court. The debt, adds the company, “had not been declared” and the commercial court “had ruled out any assumption of liabilities of this nature”.

The company also announced that it had filed a complaint against the former manager, André Ioannides, accused of having leaked a confidential document concerning a planned sale of the company, at the end of 2023, which has since been abandoned.

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