a new fashionable investment?

a new fashionable investment?

On October 18, the Aguttes auction house organized its first public sale of collectible cards.

A box of Pokemon cards dating from 1999 was sold for 46,789 euros.

The sale brought together 400 registrants and its total amount amounted to more than 200,000 euros.

If Aguttes decided to create a new department dedicated to collectible cards, it is because they have been the subject of a booming market for several years.

We can distinguish two types.

Panini madness

The first and oldest is that of sports cards, born in the 1920s in the United States then popularized in Europe, from 1961, by the famous Panini cards.

Paninis were initially self-adhesive images (stickers) of footballers or cyclists that schoolchildren exchanged and stuck in dedicated albums.

They have no other purpose than the souvenirs they make, but can reach considerable sums. A complete Panini album linked to the 1974 Football World Cup was estimated at nearly 11,000 euros.

More recently, numbered and more exclusive cards have appeared, such as this Kylian Mbappé card, published for Euro 2020 and estimated between 600 and 700 euros.

Culture Fantasy

The other type concerns collectible card games (in English, Trading Card Games or TGC). It is dominated by the American Magic: The Gatheringborn in 1993.

Then they deployed Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh or, very recently, Lorcanaa game initiated by Disney.

Coming from “Fantasy” culture, these cards initially had a gaming vocation and the rarity of some of them was born from the fact that they could confer additional powers on their holder.

Over the years, this rarity has transformed into a real market on exchange platforms. In March 2023, a Black Lotus card from the game Magic thus reached 540,000 dollars (it was worth 300 in the 1990s).

Rarity as primary value

On the first market, these cards can be purchased for fairly small amounts in shops, tobacconists and increasingly via online stores.

A second market has been structured thanks to numerous platforms and Internet communities, and it has therefore also developed on the public auction scene where experts officiate.

The rating of cards is evaluated according to two main factors: their condition and their degree of rarity. As such, French Fantasy cards are often better rated, because they are published in smaller numbers.

Limited editions or rare cards such as holographic cards from Pokémon are also highly sought after.

To find out the state of the market, the reference site is American: pwccmarketplace. The French site cardmarket specializes in Fantasy cards. As for the site eBayit allows you to quickly understand the value of your cards.

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