A solution is sought for retirees who are victims of bonuses

A solution is sought for retirees who are victims of bonuses

The government, which legislated the 5 thousand TL bonus regulation that causes discrimination among retirees, started working to find a solution for some of the victims.

A solution is sought for retirees who are victims of bonuses

While the problems experienced after the regulation, which includes a one-time bonus of 5 thousand liras to be given to retirees, increased, it was learned that solutions were sought to prevent grievances. Due to the bonus regulation that disappointed millions of retirees, especially farmers, small tradesmen and retirees who work for short periods of time, AKP It was claimed that the government had flooded the administration with complaints and that the government could bring forward a new article that would change the restrictive provisions in the law as a solution.


It was pointed out that due to the regulation, retirees who have a small field in their village and whose workplace is visible on it even though they are not active are victimized.

It was claimed that instead of clearly writing the retirees who will not be able to benefit from the bonus in question, taking the easy way and referring to subparagraph (b) of the 1st paragraph of Article 4 of the Social Security Law No. 5510 increased the victimization. It was determined that due to this clause, farmers who earn very low agricultural income, workers who have a small field in their village but do not cultivate it, tradesmen who do not have the registry record of their closed shop deleted, and partners who appear to be company partnerships but have no income are deprived of their retirement bonuses.

In addition, it was stated that a solution was sought for retirees who were deprived of the bonus because they were treated as if they were constantly working, even though they had not worked in any job for a year, but had worked with insurance for a very short time, such as 1 day or 1 week, in the 1-month period between 1-31 October 2023.

‘The bonus problem cannot be solved without passing a law’

Sources providing information on the subject state that grievances cannot be resolved through notifications or regulations, and that there is a need for solutions to the problem. Turkish Grand National AssemblyThey said that either a new bill should be submitted to or an article regarding retirees should be added to one of the omnibus bill proposals. Sources stated that retirees who will not benefit from the bonus in the new regulation need to be determined more fairly and listed in a list, pointing out that otherwise new victims may emerge.

‘Tradesmen whose tax records have been deleted should benefit’

Bendevi Palandöken, Chairman of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen, said about the 5 thousand lira bonus given to retirees; He said that tradesmen and craftsmen who have canceled their tax registration and who have not practiced their profession for years but have not deleted their chamber registration should also benefit. Stating that their grievances must be eliminated, Palandöken said, “Our most sincere feeling is that the differences between the segments will disappear.”

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