Actively serving the national strategy, Xinhua Insurance’s investment balance exceeded 240 billion

Actively serving the national strategy, Xinhua Insurance’s investment balance exceeded 240 billion


  Recently, Xinhua Insurance2023Annual report is released. During the reporting period,The company supports the real economy and the scale of investment920 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 7.5%,The amount of investment in areas such as self-reliance in service technology, green development, inclusive finance, and coordinated regional development has achieved double-digit growth. ;Serving the national strategy, the investment balance exceeds240 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19.7%;Number of insured persons covered by policy medical insurance projects19.65 million people;Xinhua Homeland’s three major senior care product lines are fully launched;Continue to support rural revitalization and invest total funds in assistance20.66 million yuan.

  2023Year, New China InsuranceAnchor the positioning of state-owned financial institutions, strengthen the top-level design of serving national strategies, and establish1 center,1 base,3 mechanisms,5 major systemsthe overall promotion mechanism,comprehensiveImprove the ability to serve the overall interests of the country and the people.

  Support the real economy Serve national strategy

  New China InsuranceContinue to play the main role in supporting the real economy, increase investment, optimize the investment layout in key areas such as technology, green, small, medium and micro businesses, and actively carry out technological finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance.Five big articles. As of the end of 2023, the company has supported the real economy with an investment scale of 920 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 7.5%; it has served the national strategy, and the investment balance has exceeded 240 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 19.7%.

  New China InsuranceSupport the development of new-generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industry integration clusters and specialized new enterprises, with an investment balance of257.96billion, year-on-year growth43% ; Support green development strategies andDouble carbonstrategy, investment balance174.08billion, year-on-year growth19% ; Increase financing support and reasonable profit sharing, promote the expansion of financing for small, medium and micro enterprises, reduce prices, and increase investment balance106.29billion, year-on-year growth253% ; Increase pension financial investment, support the development of the medical and health industry, and participate in the construction of a multi-level medical security system and the third pillar pension insurance system. The balance of investment40.42billion, year-on-year growth147% ; Serving major national regional strategies and coordinated regional development, investment balance1,632.63billion, year-on-year growth11%.

  Helping Healthy China Serve people’s livelihood protection

  New China Insurance is based on its own industryin critical illness, long-term care, personal elderly careStrengthen product supply in key areas such as finance, insurance for small, medium and micro enterprises, and special groups for the elderly and children, and continue to increase product innovation to help protect and improve people’s livelihood.

  2023Year,Exclusive commercial pension insurance and personal pension business continued to advance, with premium income exceeding1.5 billion yuan; policy medical insurance projects cover 19.65 million insured persons, and long-term care insurance projects provide disability protection for 3.23 million insured persons, providing richer medical protection for the insured people.

  New China InsuranceThe group channel continues to strengthen underwriting for customers in key areas of national strategic importance such as technological innovation, green development, and inclusive finance, providing services for more than65,000 corporate customers serving national strategies are provided with a risk protection limit of more than 3 trillion yuan.

  Health care collaborative support Full life cycle service

  After years of intensive development and layout,New China InsuranceAlready formedComprehensive health care community+Nursing care community+Leisure travel community+Health Management CenterA full-featured health care service system provides customers with full life cycle services integrating health care, medical care, residence, and health management.

  2023In 2019, Xinhua Homes Yanqing Yixiang Community was officially opened for operation, marking the full launch of Xinhua Homes’ three major senior care product lines.Yanqing Yixiang Community can provide customers with long-term stays and supporting services, as well as short-stay experiences and vacation services. ; Hainan Lexiang Community, as the company’s residential project, has received a year-on-year increase in the number of visitors it received annually6times ;The occupancy rate of Lotus Pond Exclusive Apartment reached77%.After obtaining the designated qualification for medical insurance, the rehabilitation hospital’s business has been on the fast track. The number of outpatient visits and new hospitalizations throughout the year have increased year-on-year respectively.2.2times, 3.5times.

  Assistance funds exceed20 million to improve social welfare and people’s livelihood

  In 2023, Xinhua Insurance continued to support rural revitalization, investing a total of 20.66 million yuan in assistance funds to support the effective implementation of 20 assistance projects in Shibing County, Guizhou and Ulanqabqa Youzhong Banner, Inner Mongolia,Mongolian Horse Industry Culture ProjectSelected as 2023 Xinhuanet Outstanding Cases.

  Adhering to the concept of leveraging the advantages of the insurance industry, New China Insurance gradually formed“Insurance Products+Public Welfare Platform+volunteer service“The unique public welfare model explores a distinctive path of social responsibility.In 2023, public welfare donations will exceed 16.45 million yuan.The donated materials are equivalent to approximately RMB1.1 million yuan;Continue to carry out large-scale public welfare activities to care for sanitation workers across the country andMore than 940,000 sanitation workers in 186 cities were given accidental injury insurance coverage with a sum insured of 100,000 yuan per person; the volunteer service team carried out more than 3,100 volunteer service activities on various themes such as supporting double carbon, respecting and helping the elderly, and caring for environmental sanitation..

  As the leading unit of the CIC People’s Livelihood Protection Group, New China Insurance also actively participates in the construction of the social first aid system, organizing and promoting special training and practical training for directly managed enterprises.More than 230 sessions were held, more than 30,000 people were trained, and 5,740 people completed professional first-aider qualification certification.

  Looking to the future, China’s economy is recovering and improving.New China Insurance willReturning further to the origins of insurance,fullplayinsuredeconomyshock absorberand societyStabilizerFunctiondo wellFive big articlesserving the overall development of the country,Serve the broad real economyto be a strong guardian of the people’s risk protection and asset preservation and appreciation.


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