Added value, Italian agriculture doubles that of France – WWN

Added value, Italian agriculture doubles that of France – WWN

Made in Italy agri-food is characterized by quality and sustainability. If on the one hand the added value per hectare in the Italian countryside is around 3 thousand euros compared to 1,600 in France and 1,200 in Spain, on the other, for every euro of value produced by the sector, around 1.2 equivalent kilograms are emitted in Italy of CO2, against an EU average of around 2.2 and in France and Germany almost 2.5. These are just some of the data from an analyst from the Divulga Study Center which will be presented at the International Agriculture and Food Forum organized by The European House – Ambrosetti together with Coldiretti on 23 and 24 November at Villa Miani (Rome), in the presence of exponents of the academic world, institutional representatives, managers of the social, economic, financial and political forces of the country. The Forum will focus, in particular, on the added value generated in the Italian countryside and on the impact that production has on the environment, with a focus on everything that could influence the relationship between food and society in the near future.

«Made in Italy agri-food has gained an important position on foreign markets with growth of over 80% in the last 10 years – he explains Felice Adinolfi, director of the Divulga Study Center — and growth on foreign markets should also be confirmed in 2023.” Performances that could even improve “if we managed to reduce our country’s logistical delay by seizing the opportunities of the Pnrr”. These new projects, “together with further strategies to be implemented, will be able to provide a significant contribution to promoting better integration between the various methods of moving goods from an intermodal perspective, with clear consequences on both economic and environmental sustainability” .

Meanwhile, the data is comforting: in the European quality ranking, Italy stands out with almost 887 PDO and PGI products, with France (764) and Spain (378) far behind. And on the environmental side, from 1990 to today, greenhouse gas emissions from Italian agriculture have decreased by approximately 23%, compared to an increase of 17% in the rest of the world.

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