Ain. Georges Blanc in the world ranking of the greatest restaurants

Ain.  Georges Blanc in the world ranking of the greatest restaurants

It’s an announcement that will delight Georges Blanc and his teams: the famous Michelin-starred chef from Aindin has arrived 3e in the ranking of The List of the best restaurants in the world… out of 1,000 establishments. Contacted by telephone, Georges Blanc reacted: “It’s a great reward, it’s encouraging for us and our teams, we’re happy. “. And indeed, his score is enough to make one pale: with 98.5% this year, he once again achieved a very good performance. Note a clear progression since the restaurant obtained a score of 98% last year and 97% two years ago.

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Other French restaurants in the ranking

In La Liste’s list there are also French restaurants. Guy Savoy in Paris (99.5%) is in first place. A position shared with the restaurant La Vague d’Or – Cheval Blanc by Arnaud Donckele in St-Tropez (99.5%).

These ratings are assigned by an algorithm which takes, synthesizes and interprets more than 1,000 sources around the world: gastronomic critics, blogs, press articles, specialized sites, etc. Then, it classifies all of its sources in order to create a ranking based on an average of 100 (average weighted by their reliability coefficients). This ranking is carried out every year.

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