Ain. Vroom my chicken is now exported everywhere in France

Ain.  Vroom my chicken is now exported everywhere in France

They perhaps did not expect such enthusiasm. And yet here it is Vroom my hen, the online grocery store which offers products grown or processed in the Rhône-Alpes region, now delivers everywhere throughout France. Mathilde, a nursing assistant in the operating room, and Magali, communications manager in an employers’ union in Paris, had the idea of this project during the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. From this reflection their platform was born in October 2021, based in Savigneux. Even if fresh products are only available by “click and collect” in Vroum ma Poule partner businesses, certain foodstuffs are accessible to everyone and everywhere.

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A national delivery service

Just two years after its launch, anyone in France can taste the products sold by Vroum ma Poule. Dried products can be delivered to all four corners of France, in particular thanks to local transport networks serving drop-off and collection points, such as Mondial Relay, Relais colis or Colis Privé.

This expansion is the result of an observation: visits to the website increasingly come from outside the Rhône-Alpes region. The initiative which takes on its full meaning for the two sisters. “We are satisfied with this development, after two years of existence and overcoming a few hard knocks,” explains Magali Monnet.

Highlight the productions of Ain and Rhône

It’s a bit of “soft power” this way of extending the know-how of the Ain and Rhône departments to the national level. Mathilde and Magali wish to continually highlight the local culinary heritage. “By extending our delivery service, we hope to increase the visibility of the producers with whom we work and contribute to the influence of our region,” indicate the two sisters.

The platform, winner of the 2022 Digital Transformation Trophy organized by Progress, seems to have well deserved its price. Dombes carp rillettes as well as many other regional specialties are just a click away.

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