Airline tickets, with Black Friday you save 15%

Airline tickets, with Black Friday you save 15%

Deception or real deals for those looking for airline tickets in the week of Black Friday? According to a study by Jetcost (i.e. the search engine for airfares, hotels and car rentals “airfares are on average 15% lower than the average price for the year”, however some precautions must be taken.

Numbers in hand, Jetcost says that domestic flights are cheaper by 15.59%, European ones by 16.37% and those to the rest of the world by 13.163%. As regards, for example, internal flights, “only in the month of January can they usually be found at a lower average price”, and similar considerations apply to the other ticket categories.

The most searched for national destinations during Black Friday are Milan, Naples, Rome, Catania and Palermo, the European ones are Paris, Barcelona, ​​London, Amsterdam and Prague, and the intercontinental ones are New York, Havana, Bangkok, Istanbul and Santo Domingo.

Ignazio Ciarmoli, marketing director of Jetcost, gives these tips for finding the best offers during Black Friday: 1) Take advantage of the competition. Many retailers will lower their price to match a competitor’s. This means that the first discounted price you find may not be the best. It is essential to use price comparators. 2) Consider alternative destinations to those you were initially aiming for, to seize any unexpected opportunities. 3) Don’t wait until the last moment. Following the first two tips should not be understood as an invitation to waste time, because “Black Friday deals are usually limited and you run the risk of missing the discounted flight you wanted, just for the desire to save even more.” ”.

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