AK Party’s bill containing regulations for tourism: Penal sanctions are coming for Hanutism

AK Party’s bill containing regulations for tourism: Penal sanctions are coming for Hanutism

AK Party submitted its 14-article bill to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which includes regulations for regulating the definition of the tourist guide profession and encouraging tourist guides in Far Eastern languages.

New job opportunities for art history and archeology graduates

AK Party Group Chairman Abdullah Güler, in his statement at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, shared the details of the ‘Proposal Law on Amending the Tourist Guide Profession Law and the Law on Travel Agencies and the Association of Travel Agencies’.


“With our proposal, it becomes easier for those who have a bachelor’s degree from the art history and archeology departments of universities and have foreign language proficiency to become tourist guides. Thus, it is aimed to both develop employment areas for the relevant departments and increase the qualifications of tourist guides.”

he said.

Criminal sanctions are coming to Hanutism

Güler noted that with the proposal, travel agencies will be sanctioned for providing any benefit to themselves or the person they direct (harutçuluk) in return for sending customers to a certain business for shopping purposes without their knowledge and approval during the services they provide.

Far East investment: Tourist guidance will be encouraged

Güler pointed out that regulations have been proposed to meet the increasing need for Turkish guides in domestic tourism.

“One of our regulations that I would like to particularly mention is our article regarding guides who speak Chinese. The interest of citizens of countries such as China, Korea and Japan in terms of tourism to our country continues to increase. We host many Far Eastern citizens in our country. With our proposal, we encourage tourist guides in the Far Eastern languages ​​determined by our ministry, especially Chinese. Conditions are being simplified in order to facilitate tourism. Because the current situation in our country seems to be very low in the number of guides who can serve tourists who speak these languages. Therefore, since there is a serious and urgent need in this regard, we have suggestions in our bill to facilitate this potential and contribute to tourism.

” he said.

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