Akbank General Manager: ‘The appetite for credit may increase’

Akbank General Manager: ‘The appetite for credit may increase’

Akbank General Manager Kaan Gür shared the bank’s future goals.

Gür said, “Especially if you look at the new decisions taken at the beginning of February, the cost pressures of the banking system arising from reserve requirements have been supported at a certain point. This may increase the appetite for credit a little higher. Recently, there has been serious margin pressure on TL balance sheets; therefore, naturally, where this margin normalizes.” “There will definitely be opportunities here, provided that it remains within the growth limits, even though the demand is low,” he said. Gür also said that the decision created an upward movement in deposit interest rates.

CBRT announced that interest will be applied quarterly on required reserves (RR) established for TL deposits and KKM accounts with a maturity of more than one month. CBRT reduced the interest or interest rate paid on TL reserve requirements to zero in April 2022.


Gür also stated that some of the loan demands have started to change from TL to foreign currency and said, “We have just started talking about medium-long term loans. The tourism sector is targeting an income of 60 billion dollars in 2024. There is a very serious movement… There are two or three important big projects we are talking about these days.” “There is,” he said.

Reminding that there was an increase in the funding costs of the banking system, which inevitably brought down deposit interest rates a little, Gür stated that there was an upward movement in deposit interest rates after the interest rate decision on required reserves.

Gür said, “As of now, I think an interest rate has been reached that will support the customer’s conversion of exchange rate protected deposits to TL.”

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