Amazon laid off hundreds of employees again – Last Minute Economic News

Amazon laid off hundreds of employees again – Last Minute Economic News


In its statement regarding the layoffs, Amazon stated that hundreds of people were dismissed in the field of cloud computing, including several hundred employees in the sales, marketing and global services departments and the physical store technology team.

In the statement, which noted that the layoffs were worldwide, it was shared that salaries and social benefits will continue for at least 60 days for employees in the USA, support will be provided in the process of finding a new job, and access to health benefits will be provided.

In the statement, it was pointed out that the company will continue to grow through recruitment in core areas and that there are thousands of job opportunities in these areas.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Spokesperson also said in his statement that the layoffs were a difficult but necessary decision.

Meanwhile, while it is known that Amazon has recently continued its investments in the field of artificial intelligence, the same technology company laid off hundreds of people in its subsidiaries such as Twitch, Prime Video and MGM studios in January.

According to the report of the US career consultancy firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, layoffs in the technology sector increased by 73 percent in 2023.

The report noted that the number of people laid off last year reached 168 thousand 32 people, which is a large increase compared to 2022.


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