«Another favor to the smart ones»- WWN

«Another favor to the smart ones»- WWN

A amnesty on small building irregularities. L’idea was launched by leader of the League and Minister of InfrastructureMatteo Salvini, sparking protests from the opposition who cry for yet another amnesty, an accusation rejected by the Northern League.

The hypothesis of the amnesty was illustrated by Salvini during a Confbuilding conference in Piacenza. There are hundreds of thousands of small architectural, building and urban planning irregularities that are clogging up the technical offices of many municipalities – claimed the minister -. Wouldn’t it be wiser for small entities to go and remedy all this? The State would collect and the citizens would return to full availability of their property. For this reason, Salvini concluded, it is an argument that should be followed courageously to the end. Even more so the government desperately seeking resources to finance the budget maneuver. It is no coincidence that the minister introduced his proposal with these words: I say it without hypocrisy: are there budget problems?….

The reactions from the left were immediate. Another one wink at the smart ones by a desperate government that doesn’t know where to find funds for the maneuver and therefore wants to raise cash through a further amnesty, after the fiscal ones – attacks the president of the senators of the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia -. We would like to know if Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, agree with their minister’s “condonist” line. The leader of the Greens, Angelo Bonelli, defines the proposal is criminogenic, because, as has always happened when building amnesties have been announced, it will cause a strong resurgence in illegal construction. Which, however, is already very widespread, according to Bonelli himself: In 2022, 15 houses out of a hundred are illegal while in the South 50 houses out of 100 are illegal. Italia viva is also against the amnesty. Evidently Salvini has a short memory – he says Silvia Fregolent – on how much damage the building amnesties have done in Italy, also in terms of human lives, and after the one approved with the yellow-green government we are now trying again.

But according to the League it is a controversy artfully mounted by the opposition. Senator Elena Murelli, who yesterday attended the Confbuilding conference in Piacenza, says that Salvini never talked about illegal houses, but only about remediating municipal practices that present small architectural irregularities, urban planning and construction. The word pardon has never been used. Enough with the exploitations of the left. Along the same lines Alberto Gusmeroli, president of the Productive Activities commission of the Chamber and tax manager of the League: I was sitting next to Minister Salvini. He talked about fixing only small irregularities. Just watch the video again to realize this.

Effectively Salvini did not use the word amnesty, but it was clear that he touched on an extremely delicate topic. Even more so since, as Gusmeroli himself confirms, the League has not presented legislative proposals on the matter and therefore it is difficult to understand the contours of the provision that the minister has in mind. And then we will have to see if it will find support among the majority. Which for example on short-term rentals does not seem to be compact, given that Salvini himself yesterday distinguished himself from the line of the Brothers of Italy: I don’t think it is the State’s job to decide whether you have to rent in the short, medium or long term. We are in a free country. Everyone must be free to decide how to generate income from their property, he always said in Piacenza.

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