Apple wins, Italy stands out with Gucci, Ferrari and Prada – WWN

Apple wins, Italy stands out with Gucci, Ferrari and Prada – WWN

Made in Italy excellences such as Gucci, Ferrari and Prada together with giants of the caliber of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton. this is one of the results of Best Global Brands 2023, the ranking (WATCH HERE) drawn up every year by the consultancy firm Interbrand on the hundred strongest and most well-known brands in the world. Technology dominates the ranking once again, with Apple in the lead for the eleventh consecutive year (and the first to exceed 500 billion in value), followed by Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Samsung. In sixth place the first non-tech brand, Toyota, then Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Nike and BMW complete the top 10. Apple confirms itself as the absolute leader because, from our Observatory, the one that more than any other has managed to open more roads of engagement, a factor that allows brands to be resilient even in a moment of systemic volatility like that of recent months, comments Lidi Grimaldi, CEO of the Italian headquarters of Interbrand. And it is precisely this unstable context that has also influenced the aggregate value of the one hundred brands, which in 2023 stood at 3.3 trillion dollars (with the top ten brands which, together, constitute half of this value): a growth of 5.7% compared to 2022, although in slowdown compared to the +16% recorded last year. The current economic situation, combined with a succession of sudden social crises, has meant that many brands have entered a phase of “stagnation” and, consequently, have concentrated on tactical and short-term operations rather than on strategic operations of long term, continues Grimaldi.

The three Italian excellences

As in 2022, there are three Italian brands present in the ranking. These are Gucci in 34th place, Ferrari in 70th and Prada in 86th, with the last two recording a growth in their value close to that of the top performers: +16% for the Prancing Horse (which in this particular ranking ranks only behind Airbnb, Porsche and Hyundai) +12% for the well-known Milanese fashion brand. Prada has seen very significant growth in recent years thanks to a courageous internal and external generational change managed with great success – says Grimaldi -. Ferrari grows because it has a clear strategic direction: pop in the sporting world, being the most recognized brand in racing, but it also knows how to be the luxury par excellence in the product field. For this reason theengagement on its very strong reference consumers. Gucci remains the first Italian brand in the ranking, but reported a 2% decline in 2023 because about a year ago it started a process of transformation that is in strong discontinuity with the past and it needs time to be evaluated with credibility and trust by the financial markets and consumers, explains the CEO of the Italian headquarters of Interbrand.

Whoever climbs the most

Finally, there are two new features in the top 100 compared to last year, because Mini and Land Rover have made room for Nespresso (which entered in 98th place in the ranking), and the return of Oracle, which is placed in 19th position. As regards the sectors, however, the best performing were automotive (+9% compared to 2022), retail (+7%) and luxury (+6.5%). If luxury is always among the sectors with the highest growth, as it is made up of resilient business models, the real surprise is the automotive sector (with 13 brands in the ranking, the sector with the most), which is achieving excellent results despite being undergoing a major transformation – says Grimaldi -. Financial forecasts remain positive, brands’ ability to remain focused on strong demand, and technology and innovation are among the main drivers of this sector growth.

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