Aragón asks in Madrid for the end of “the bureaucratic tangle” to execute European funds

Aragón asks in Madrid for the end of “the bureaucratic tangle” to execute European funds

The Minister of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics of the Government of Aragon, Octavio López, has demanded in Madrid that “the bureaucratic tangle” be put to an end so that Aragon can execute the European funds.

“If we want the autonomous communities,” he argued, “to reach an important level in the execution of European funds, we must end excessive rigidity and bureaucratic tangle“.

This is how blunt Octavio López was this Thursday during his speech at the ‘European Funds, keys and next steps’ conference, organized by KPMG, Iberdrola and Santander in Madrid.

Octavio López has represented the Government of Aragon with his participation in a panel discussion moderated by the journalist Vicente Vallés under the heading ‘The vision of the autonomous communities’, in which the Aragonese councilor has shared reflections with the first vice president of the Board of Castilla-La Mancha, José Luis Martínez Guijarro.

In this way, it has defended greater agility and more simplified processing to facilitate access to the calls and aid and as a matter of solidarity with the local administration and, above all, with the smaller municipalities: “Look, I come from a community with 700 towns with less than 3,000 inhabitants and it makes me angry that they will not meet many milestones due to their inability to manage European aid.

For this reason, López has highlighted the help that the Government of Aragon is trying to provide to these municipalities so that they can benefit from the different lines of aid and subsidy, but “even with everything, it is necessary to facilitate the processing and more realistic deadlines adjusted to their possibilities, because if not Those funds that small municipalities will not be able to execute will be reallocated to larger ones that they do have more reliable execution instruments and that generates inequality, our mouths are full of helping ‘Emptied Spain’, but that must be demonstrated with facts,” said the Aragonese counselor.

Almost 930 million in Aragon

Until March 2024, Aragón has received a total of 929.3 million of euros from Europe, which are going to be destined for a hundred subprojects of 25 components of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), in order to impact different sectors of the economic activity of the autonomous community, such as tourism, the environment, education, energy or housing, to the point that Each and every one of the different departments of the Government of Aragon are currently managing subprojects financed by the PRTR.

For this reason, it has made an assessment of the execution of these funds: “There have been some programs, such as MITMA’s aid for the decarbonization of public transport, with pre-set amounts per population that have worked well for large municipalities like Zaragoza, as it has worked also the Promotion Program for the Rehabilitation of Public Buildings”.

However, other lines are suffering from greater streamlining in management, which is hindering their success, as in the case of subsidies for vehicle electrification under the Moves Plan or that of housing rehabilitation in rural areas. , where the implementation has clearly been improved.”

More facilities for SMEs

The Minister of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics has also criticized the ddifficulty that a good part of the business community is encountering when opting for calls and apply for subsidies, especially SMEs.

“The established mechanisms are often cumbersome, we get lost in a tangle of platforms to implement programs and establish contracts that cause nothing but discouragement,” said López.

In this sense, it has also requested a greater collaboration between the central government and the regional executives in the PERTE, in order not to miss out on driving projects that guarantee the future for decades in municipalities and regions. “Mistakes have been made from which we should learn, such as in the case of the TATA battery factory, which finally escaped us and ended up in the United Kingdom,” he said.

Aragon prepares for the end of funds

Finally, Octavio López recalled that European funds have an expiration date and will stop arriving in June 2026so, in his opinion, we must prepare “to be able to continue energizing our territories and continue providing aid without the economic injection that the torrent of European funds is providing.”

For this reason, he pointed out that “when the party is over, we rulers will have to continue helping companies and citizens, so we must anticipate this scenario.”

Likewise, López has given as an example the management he is carrying out in terms of housing. “We have already implemented a housing plan that contemplates four regional programs until 2030 that will be financed with our own funds, at a rate of 20 million euros per year, a figure similar to what we are receiving for this area with European funds. In Aragón, we have put the bandage on before the wound starts to bleed, prevention is better than cure,” concluded Octavio López.


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