Arms industry: Scholz calls for a significant increase in arms production in Europe

Arms industry: Scholz calls for a significant increase in arms production in Europe

In view of the threat from Russia, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has called for a significant increase in arms production in Europe. The European partners must pool their orders and give the defense industry security for the next few decades, said Scholz at the laying of the foundation stone for a new ammunition factory owned by the Rheinmetall defense company in Unterlüß, Lower Saxony. “We have to move away from manufacturing – towards large-scale production of armaments.”

This is “urgently necessary. Because as harsh as this reality is: we do not live in times of peace,” said Scholz. Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and the “imperial ambitions” openly expressed by President Vladimir Putin are “a major threat to the European peace order.” In this situation, the following applies: “If you want peace, you have to successfully deter possible aggressors.”

Rheinmetall boss Armin Papperger also pointed out the political significance of the new building. To secure Germany’s “strategic sovereignty in the area of ​​ammunition production,” a national production facility is being created, Papperger said at the event, which was attended by Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD). The plant makes it possible to cover the Bundeswehr’s needs for ammunition manufactured in the Federal Republic and also to ensure deliveries to partner states in the event of a possible crisis.

In the future, artillery ammunition, explosives and components for rocket artillery will be manufactured in Unterlüß. The capacity is said to be around 200,000 shells per year. Rheinmetall wants to invest 300 million euros and create around 500 new jobs. Production is expected to begin next year.

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