Athens. Visiting the Acropolis without anyone around is possible (but it’s expensive)

Athens.  Visiting the Acropolis without anyone around is possible (but it’s expensive)


Admire the view from the Acropolis of Athens, without having to jostle and be surrounded by tourists with selfie sticks. This is what a few privileged few will be able to benefit from, starting this Monday 1er april. The Greek government is in fact offering a new experience, at a price of 5,000 euros: an exclusive guided tour of the Acropolis outside its traditional opening hours.

The initiative, aimed at wealthy tourists, will be possible at sunrise (7 to 9 a.m.) or sunset (8 to 10 p.m.) from April to October. It will be limited to groups of five people maximum.

“Bring in additional income”

“We are creating an improved service which will be aimed at a specific clientele. A private guide and special gifts will be included in this offer. This is an experience that will only bring in additional income, without depriving other visitors, who pay a regular rate, of visiting rights,” explains in the Express Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, head of the Hellenic Organization for the Development of Cultural Resources.

The revenue should be reinvested in cultural projects, according to the ministry. The measure is also part of an overhaul of the ticketing policy for archaeological sites and Greek museums, which will see their prices increase from April 2025. The price of classic Acropolis tickets should thus increase from 20 at 30 euros.

If successful, these exclusive private visits could also be extended to other monuments, indicated the head of the Hellenic Organization at theAssociated Press. The measure is, however, far from unanimous. “VIPs will be able to enjoy the sunset at the top of the Acropolis, while the precarious will watch them from below, deprived of this privilege,” lamented the president of the union of Greek archaeologists, Kostas Paschalidis.


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