Attention those who have gold and silver! İslam Memiş announced…

Attention those who have gold and silver!  İslam Memiş announced…

Republic TVHe was a guest on the Second Look program on Finance Analyst İslam MemişHe explained his expectations for gold, silver and dollar for 2024.


Memiş predicts that the value increases in MTA prices will continue in 2024. “I would like to express that I also expect an increase on the silver side. Geopolitical risk continues to increase all over the world. The fact that the dollar is losing value in international markets, the central banks are ending interest rate hikes and geopolitical tensions will bring safe havens such as gold to the fore again. However, it is slightly higher on the gram gold side. levels may be before us.

We are looking at the expectations survey of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, where reports and predictions continue to come that the dollar will continue its rise. “With this medium-term plan and when we take the expectation surveys of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey as a reference, we will see new records on the dollar side in 2024.” said.


Stating that the global economic system has entered a phase of change, Memiş said: “While gold prices continue to be manipulated by central banks, central banks continue to increase their gold reserves. Look, there has been a significant increase in the gold demand of central banks in 2023. When we look at the last 3 months, central banks have earned more than investors. Central banks in Russia “The Ukrainian War broke out and they bought gold like crazy again. In 2023, a war broke out in the Middle East. Therefore, gold investors need to think this way because gold loves hazy weather.” he said.


Stating that the market is completely manipulated and the pricing cannot be explained logically, Memiş said:

“Currently, there is no logical and technical explanation for the pricing. There is a completely manipulated market. We have a target inflation forecast and we will get there, but for some reason, all central banks continue to stay away from the inflation they have determined. You look at the households, there is a serious demand for gold. “There is an increase, you look at the companies, there is a serious increase in demand on the gold side. You are restricting like this, that is, as a State, you are restricting.”


Memiş stated that the spread in buy-sell transactions is gradually widening. “The difference between gold buying and selling transactions made through internet banking has reached incredible levels. People who needed to sell urgently had to sell their gold at huge losses. Do you mean there needs to be a regulation against this? Obviously, banks will make such moves in extraordinary times. Right now, grams of gold 1820 on the sign, 1863 on the physical side of the Grand Bazaar. Yes, citizens are making a loss. If someone was losing, someone was making a profit.r” he said.

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