Auction. A bottle of whiskey sold for more than two million pounds, a record

Auction.  A bottle of whiskey sold for more than two million pounds, a record

A bottle of the whiskey was sold this Saturday in London for… 2,187,500 pounds sterling, or 2.5 million euros. This 75 cl bottle of Macallan 1926 sets a new auction record for a bottle of wines and spirits, according to the Sotheby’s auction house.

A bottle from 1926

This Scottish whiskey distilled in 1926 was bottled 60 years later after maturation in oak barrels, from which it gets its dark color. This is Macallan’s oldest vintage. The bottle sold this Saturday could be the last in a series of 12 to feature a label designed in 1993 by the Italian painter Valerio Adami. One of these 12 bottles was apparently destroyed during an earthquake in Japan.

Sotheby’s had published an estimate of between £750,000 and £1.2 million for this bottle, whose cork and capsule were replaced this year by the distillery.

A “very rich” whiskey

This whiskey (42.8°) comes from Macallan cask n°263, of which only 40 bottles were produced. One of them, 70 cl, was sold for nearly 1.5 million pounds (around 1.7 million euros) in 2019, beating the previous record established the previous year by a bottle from the same barrel.

“It’s the same liquid” but with “a different label,” Jonny Foyle, whiskey manager at Sotheby’s, explained last month during the presentation of the bottle of Macallan Adami. The specialist was able to savor a “very small drop” of this “incredible” whisky: “It is very rich”, with lots of flavors of “dried fruit”, “spice”, “wood”. A milliliter of whiskey was extracted from the sold bottle to conduct tests and compare it to another bottle from the 1926 vintage, and it now serves as a yardstick for further comparisons in the future.

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