Azerbaijan denied Ural Airlines flights from Moscow to Baku

Azerbaijan denied Ural Airlines flights from Moscow to Baku

The Azerbaijani aviation authorities refused to allow the Russian company Ural Airlines to operate flights from Moscow to Baku. In this regard, the air carrier decided to cancel the flight program from the capital’s Zhukovsky airport until February 17, Rosaviatsiya reported. The department noted that the Russian aviation authorities are discussing with their Azerbaijani colleagues the solution to this issue.

The Ural Airlines flight program from Moscow Zhukovsky Airport to Baku and back was supposed to start on February 8. However, the Azerbaijani authorities, without explanation, refused to issue permission to operate these flights, the air carrier said.

“The first flight on February 8 did not take place, since the aviation authorities of Azerbaijan did not issue permission for this, despite the fact that Ural Airlines has a destination, as well as all the technical capabilities to carry out and support the flight,” the press service said in a statement airlines (quote from “Izvestia”).

Ural Airlines does not see any justification for refusing to operate flights. The airline’s message emphasizes that Ural Airlines is the designated carrier with all rights and no restrictions to carry out transportation. The airline continues to operate flights to Baku from Yekaterinburg.

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