Bad-mouthing arguments cannot change the long-term positive trend of China’s economy

Bad-mouthing arguments cannot change the long-term positive trend of China’s economy


In recent years, politicians and media in some Western countries have continued to pessimize China’s economy. The so-called “China’s economy has peaked,” “China’s economy is in recession,” “China’s balance sheet is in decline,” and “China is uninvestable.” This phenomenon is not accidental. It stems from the serious cognitive bias of these politicians and the media about China’s continuous development and growth as a developing country. Fundamentally, this is a direct reflection of the deep-rooted zero-sum game and binary opposition thinking, which lacks a win-win or win-win concept.

China’s economic development has its own laws, which cannot be changed by these pessimistic arguments. Comprehensive analysis shows that China’s economy has strong resilience and self-adjustment capabilities, and still has huge development potential. In 2023, against the background of global trade volume shrinking by approximately US$1.5 trillion, China’s import and export scale has increased steadily, and the quality of development has improved, especially the “three new” exports of electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products. Nearly 30%, breaking through the trillion yuan mark for the first time. In the first two months of this year, China’s exports increased by 10.3% year-on-year, once again exceeding market expectations.

The advantages and potential of China’s economy are not only reflected in foreign economic and trade cooperation, but also in the continuous transformation and upgrading of the economic structure. Relying on abundant human resources, huge market scale, and high-intensity R&D investment, China’s economic growth momentum continues to gather momentum. At present, there is still considerable room for improvement and upgrading of China’s traditional industries. In order to better meet the people’s new expectations for a better life, China is accelerating the development of comprehensive health industries, tourism and cultural industries, etc. As investment in technological innovation continues to increase, various high value-added products and globally competitive companies continue to emerge. In the context of an era in which disruptive technologies are developing at an exponential rate and new scientific and technological achievements are accelerating into people’s daily production and life, China’s science and technology industry has sufficient momentum and huge potential for further development. This includes not only cutting-edge technology formats with promising prospects, but also industries such as shipbuilding and aviation manufacturing that continue to consolidate China’s dominant position in manufacturing. In addition, China still has many underdeveloped economic areas, and the low-altitude economy that is currently receiving increasing attention is one of them.

Individual countries’ “decoupling and disconnection” efforts from China cannot stop China’s development and progress. In the context of economic globalization, if a country insists on expanding opening up and continuously achieving development, it will not pose a threat to other countries, but will only lay a solid foundation for deepening ties between countries and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. Looking at the world today, it is precisely because some major countries have blatantly abandoned multilateralism, constantly created geopolitical tensions, and impacted the global economic governance system that the risks facing the world economy have increased. Faced with this situation, China firmly opposes unilateralism and protectionism, and insists on “the more we suppress, the more we open up, and the more we criticize, the more we develop.” Looking to the future, China’s accelerated development of new productive forces will create more development opportunities for itself and other countries. The development of China’s green industry has fully proved this point. In the process of promoting green development and implementing the “double carbon” goal, China’s new energy industry has developed rapidly, not only providing lower-cost and more mature new energy products for global green development, but also helping many countries create new Industry and employment have promoted common development and prosperity through practical actions.

When the world is good, China will be good; when China is good, the world will be better. This is a concept that China has always adhered to. China promotes open cooperation and win-win development and is committed to maintaining an open world economy. This does not mean that China cannot control its own destiny. At present, China has demonstrated a more independent and powerful development trend in overcoming various difficulties and challenges, and continues to bring more opportunities and hopes to international cooperation.


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