Baglietto production at 500 million, “no to the stock exchange and fund offers”

Baglietto production at 500 million, “no to the stock exchange and fund offers”

First of all, a declaration of intent from CEO Diego Michele Deprati: «Baglietto will not be listed on the stock exchange. And he is not interested in offers from investment funds and merger proposals coming from abroad. The group is Italian and will remain so.” Also because the Gabbiano brand, and with it the one controlled by Bertram, based in Tampa in the USA, but head and heart between La Spezia and Marina di Carrara, is enjoying good seas. «Despite the complex period of uncertainty, demand in the nautical sector is holding up and the trend continues to be positive», says Deprati. cco Fabrizio Ermetto translates into numbers. «We have sold 30 yachts, we have 21 under construction, four of which at the cost of the shipyard (one is a 60 mt, ed.). We delivered 4 in 2023, we will deliver six in 2024 and seven in 2025. Our order book has reached 500 million euros.” And, as the CEO still says, “all profits will be invested in the group”.

The opportunity to talk about Baglietto comes from the preview announcement, in Milan, of two new models, both 50 metres, which integrate and expand the Gabbiano range. The first is called Fast 50, and is a sort of coupé, designed by the shipyard’s historic pencil, the Florentine Francesco Paszkowsky. A “fast displacement” yacht, which reaches a maximum speed of 30 knots and which effectively reinterprets the racing DNA of the brand. Four MTU engines for as many shaft lines and propellers, catalytic converters, secant bulb which reduces the resistance of the water: abstruse terms, for non-experts, which however mean the research behind it to reduce the consumption and therefore emissions. The engines are diesel, but there is a hybrid option; the roof resembles the roll cage of a Formula 1 car; the stern is high, but the bulwarks open; four guest cabins, plus the owner’s cabin; lots of spaces and lots of glass.

The rendering of Baglietto’s Fast 50

The second is the XO 50, and it is the first Explorer in the history of the brand. «A disruptive boat», Deprati defined it. «The concept in this case is that of a journey, to be experienced head-on», explains Paszkowsky, who signed it. And in fact, at the bow, above the wheelhouse, there is an observatory area with full view. Here too, lots of glass, lots of light, large open spaces. But also measures such as ceramic to reduce teak, again for a sustainability issue.

The rendering of Baglietto’s XO 50

«These projects are born because we believe that the market can welcome them, obviously. Furthermore, we have had suggestions from potential shipowners.” The one in the first Fast 50, in particular, will be Beniamino Gavio, Baglietto’s key shareholder. Returning to strategies, the CEO confirms that an acquisition is underway “which will allow us to consolidate ourselves in the yachting but also in the Defense sector”; he recalls the expansion operations of the spaces in La Spezia, but also of the Marina di Carrara site «where we will be able to build 6/7 boats at the same time» and where Bertram’s production will increase, as well as the new investments in small and medium naval vessel projects . Also arriving are the first recruits from the Baglietto Workshop (“The training courses end in March”) and the restoration of the Baglietto historical archive, which will be transformed into a traveling museum to celebrate the 170 years of the Gabbiano.

Production? «The investments made in 2022/23 allow us to reach the limit production level. We don’t want to go any further: the objective is six boats a year and not to exceed 60 metres. We have rejected requests for 70/75 metres”, says Deprati. From here, also the future accounts: «In 2024 they will settle at current levels (140 million turnover in 2023, +37% on 2022». Finally, a revelation on the BZero plan, the yachts powered by hydrogen through fuel cells which they suck in sea water. «The prototype system will be launched on site in La Spezia in March, the first boats in 2027».

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