Bank of Shanghai actively promotes the 2024 “3-15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign

Bank of Shanghai actively promotes the 2024 “3-15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign


The Bank of Shanghai adheres to its original intention of serving the people with finance, and aims to effectively enhance the convenience, availability and sense of gain of financial services for the people. It carefully plans the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, actively innovates the form of publicity and education, and deepens the Financial education work has been carried out on a long-term basis.

  Focusing on the theme, financial education focuses on precise efforts

Closely focus on the missionary theme and achieve targeted financial missionary efforts. Bank of Shanghai takes “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks” as its slogan, and takes “popularization of financial knowledge”, “appropriate management investment education”, “publicity and legal rights protection” as its propaganda themes, and “online + offline” As the main publicity channel, it adapts to consumers’ daily consumption scenarios and promotes various forms of publicity and education activities. Focusing on popularizing the eight basic rights of financial consumers, we will widely publicize relevant laws and regulations and financial policies that benefit the people; we will continue to improve the product information disclosure mechanism, strengthen the industry’s product sales appropriateness management regulations, and help consumers correctly understand “risk-return” relationship, establish a scientific and rational investment concept; expose the nature of illegal agency complaints, open up consultation and complaint channels across the bank, respond quickly and reasonably resolve customer demands, and guide consumers to rationally safeguard their rights in accordance with the law; enter consumers’ real consumption scenarios, truly penetrate into consumer needs, and use Digital technology should do a good job in accurate investment education, build a harmonious and healthy consumption environment, and promote high-quality economic development.

Enrich the forms of publicity and education and promote the concept of consumer protection into the minds and hearts. Bank of Shanghai actively implements the “Financial Executives Speak on Consumer Protection” publicity and education activities. The head office conducts special lectures through office meetings to explain the importance of consumer protection work, target paths and key implementation of publicity and education, and makes it clear that consumer protection should be included in the entire process of the bank’s operation and management; The main person in charge of the branch recorded a micro video “The President Talks about Consumer Protection” to introduce the eight basic rights of financial consumers and remind consumers to increase their awareness of the risks of fraud prevention and anti-fraud.

In addition, the Bank of Shanghai actively creates novel educational works, combines social hot spots, highlights Shanghai’s characteristics, and shoots educational micro-videos in Shanghai with the theme of “anti-fraud and prevention” to shorten the distance with consumers.

  Pay attention to the effectiveness of publicity and education and cover key groups

During the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, the Bank of Shanghai carried out 217 effective online and offline education and publicity activities, and received more than 450 positive reports from external media, reaching a total of more than 450,000 consumers, effectively fulfilling its financial responsibilities. The main responsibility of missionary work.

Offline is based in the hall, with sunken preaching covering multiple points. Bank of Shanghai gives full play to the role of its branches as the main propaganda base, invites customers to “come in” and actively carries out “going out” propaganda activities.

Bank of Shanghai actively creates a strong propaganda and education atmosphere in its outlets and fully conducts propaganda and education work for customers visiting the stores. And make full use of the resource endowments within the jurisdiction to carry out joint missionary activities, radiate surrounding missionary positions, and expand missionary coverage. Multiple outlets have set up publicity and education booths in surrounding communities, business districts, schools within their jurisdiction, and distribution companies, distributed consumer protection brochures, accepted public consultations and patiently answered them, and actively popularized basic financial knowledge to consumers.

Online multi-channel preaching and innovative preaching content. Centering on the theme of missionary work, Bank of Shanghai actively enriches missionary content and creates novel missionary works. Make full use of the publicity and education areas of the official website, mobile banking and WeChat public accounts, and simultaneously use WeChat public accounts such as Shanghai Banking Micro News to publish long pictures, texts, micro videos and other publicity works. He also actively contributed articles to authoritative mainstream media outside the industry to expand the audience and momentum of the propaganda, and participated in the “Stimulate Consumer Vitality and Enjoy Quality Life” jointly planned by Liberation Daily, Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission, Municipal Internet Information Office and other departments. During the Rights Protection Day service activities, we shared various measures taken by our bank to actively assume the social responsibilities of financial state-owned enterprises to various platforms such as Shanghai Rule of Law News and Liberation Daily, demonstrating the responsibility of fulfilling the “people’s city for the people” with practical actions.

Bank of Shanghai will continue to adhere to the normalization and long-term effectiveness of publicity and education work, insist on the end of the “3·15” activity, and the publicity and education work will not end, internally remind all employees of consumer protection education awareness and capabilities, open complaint channels for consumers, and improve complaint handling efficiency and service quality, fulfill the social responsibilities of financial state-owned enterprises, help build an honest and trustworthy consumer environment, and establish a good industry image.


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