Bas-en-Basset. For this photographer, “every person is photogenic”

Bas-en-Basset.  For this photographer, “every person is photogenic”

How do you define yourself in your profession?

“I photograph in the studio and in natural light outdoors. I like to dig deep into each person for these beautiful, unsuspected emotions. I want to show them a different image of themselves, an image that they will love, an image where they will find themselves beautiful… But above all an image that gives off beautiful emotions, an image that they will cherish all their lives. Because yes, for me, every person is photogenic! »

What is your core business?

“Pregnancy, birth, family, children, couple, intimate portrait and the photo of the iris, this is part of a vast and varied universe that I have been able to develop thanks to the numerous training courses in which I have participated for so many years. »

Any upcoming projects?

“I would like to offer my services for the enhancement of culinary photography. I also plan to offer training to learn the art of photography for people who want to discover it and those who want to be professionals. »

Many on the internet offer their services as photographers, what do you think?

“You don’t invent yourself as a photographer. And no, it’s not enough to have a nice camera. Photographer is a profession in its own right, there are rules to know and above all to apply. I myself often train with the greatest photographers to always offer the best. Furthermore, I adhere to the French Federation of Photography and Image Professions (FFPMI). »

Let yourself be tempted by photographing your iris

If there are plenty of photo options for weddings, pregnancies or intimate portraits, Lydia offers a very personal type of photo for her clients. In fact, she photographs the iris!

After retouching, the enlarged photo resembles a work of art. “For this photographic technique, I trained with Romain Bedon, photographer in Bourg-en-Bresse, who is a specialist in this art. This photo session lasts a quarter of an hour and takes place like a consultation with the ophthalmologist. »

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