Beaujolais. Nearly 70 town signs returned to Beaujolais by Young Farmers

Beaujolais.  Nearly 70 town signs returned to Beaujolais by Young Farmers

Propieres upside down. Lamure-sur-Azergues upside down. Many town entry and exit signs have been turned over the whole weekend in Beaujolais. At the origin of this reversal of the sign, Young Farmers (JA) of the Rhône. Baptiste Dumoulin, general secretary of the association, elaborates: “We wanted to make people understand that absurdities are taking place in terms of new laws, administration and the environment in the agricultural sector. » He cites as an example the Organic Label which requires farmers to note every day the name of the meadow where their cows graze. Time wasted for data “which will bring nothing to the controllers”.

“Act with respect and good humor”

Of the 220 members of the JA du Rhône, 25 were out in the evening this Monday, November 20 in the area of ​​Monsols, Lamure-sur-Azergues and Beaujeu. They returned 70 white panels with red edging. “We want to show a new image of farmers by acting with respect and good humor,” adds the agricultural employee hired in Claveisolles. An initiative that seems to make the mayors smile. Some took a selfie in front of their upside-down city sign to show their support.

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The action, which began Friday evening, should last until Thursday November 23, the day when the professionals will meet the Prefect of the Rhône. They planned to bring him imported fruits, vegetables and dairy products which do not meet European standards, but which they were able to buy in supermarkets this Tuesday.

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