Berlusconi heirs pay the first tranche to Marta Fascina

Berlusconi heirs pay the first tranche to Marta Fascina

Milan – Keep making news the legacy of Silvio Berlusconi, which is gradually taking shape. The five children of the entrepreneur who passed away on June 12th would have paid the first tranche of the legacy intended for the Knight’s companion, Marta Fascina.

The first of four installments has been paid

It was decided that the bequest of 100 millionwhich occurred as a legacy in one of the holographic wills, will be paid in four tranches (although it is not known to what extent) and the choice of contribute all together confirms the harmony of the family and reflects the unity that Marina, Pier Silvio, Eleonora, Barbara and Luigi have decided to maintain to manage the delicate period after the entrepreneur’s death. A decision that is also reflected in the management of the Fininvest holding, which this week pre-alerted a board of directors for November 22-23, to follow up on the change of statute following the inheritance, and consolidate control of the financial company in the hands of Marina and Pier Silvio. At the council of the next week, it will follow a meeting of all members on 29-30 Novemberto approve the new Fininvest statute and make it executive.

At Villa San Martino until at least 2026
However, the issue regarding Villa Arcore remains open. Many Forza fans ask themselves when Fascina leaves Villa San Martinoeven if noIt doesn’t appear that the entrepreneur’s children have rushed her, or have yet decided on what to do. From a legal point of view, according to centre-right parliamentary sources consulted by theAdn Kronosthe so-called reads Cirinnà on civil unions (approved in 2018 thanks to the former PD parliamentarian Monica Cirinnà) would prove you right: as thereall-living survivor his right to housing is also protected. In a nutshell: no one could give a thumbs up to the Forza Italia parliamentarian who has a suitable time to look for a new home, until 2026.

No pressure from the entrepreneur’s five children
According to the provisions of the art. 1, paragraph 42 of law 76 of 2016, in fact, the surviving de facto cohabitant has the right to continue living in the house of common residence (owned by the deceased), for two years or for a period equal to cohabitation if greater than two years and in any case no longer than five years. In the specific case, Fascina’s cohabitation had lasted for about three years: therefore by law his stay in Arcore is protected until 2026. Even in this case, they report, the Berlusconi family would have no intention of stoking controversy and going against Fascina, who was at the Cavaliere’s bedside until the end, especially in this delicate one transition phase also for Forza Italiapassed to guide by Antonio Tajani.

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