Berlusconi, real estate for sale? The Villa Gernetto hypothesis, but Arcore is not touched – WWN

Berlusconi, real estate for sale?  The Villa Gernetto hypothesis, but Arcore is not touched – WWN

After the inheritance agreements reached on 11 September by the five Berlusconi brothers and the approval by the boards of directors of Fininvest and the upstream companies (Holding Italiana Prima, Holding Italiana Seconda, Holding Italiana Terza, Holding Italiana Ottava) of the statutory amendments which implement the shareholders’ agreements, the Berlusconi family is thinking about the possibility of putting some of the real estate properties on the market.

The proposed sale would mainly concern Villa Gernetto in Lesmo, in Brianza, and the land on the Costa Turchese, where the former prime minister dreamed of building a mega village with villas, resorts and golf courses. Both properties are part of the Fininvest portfolio. As regards the assignment of the mandate for the sale, among the names circulating is that of Lionard Luxury Real Estate, the agency specializing in luxury properties which had already handled the negotiations for the sale of Villa Maria, a property that the Cavaliere he had purchased in 2015 for his then partner Francesca Pascale. The Corriere della Sera in November he had already anticipated that the future of the Brianza residence would be one of the first dossiers to be addressed on the Fininvest front. The group had acquired it 17 years ago from Morgan Stanley which, in turn, had purchased it from UniCredit. Berlusconi dreamed of creating the University of Freedom for political education.

It cannot be ruled out that the reflection on the future of the real estate assets may also concern other properties, with the exception of Villa San Martino in Arcore, which houses the funeral mausoleum with the tombs of Silvio Berlusconi and his parents Luigi and Rosa Bassi. On the other hand, the hypothesis of the sale of some properties, such as the villa in Antigua and the Villa Blue Horizon in Bermuda, the least frequented by the family, had already been feared before the opening of the former prime minister’s will, also taking into account the management costs of a real estate asset which overall has a value of 600-700 million.

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