Bf, agreement to acquire a stake in Naturasì and for the distribution of WWN products

Bf, agreement to acquire a stake in Naturasì and for the distribution of WWN products

Alliance between BF, an agroindustrial holding company, and NaturaS, a company specialized in the sale of organic, biodynamic and natural food products with a network of over 300 stores. The company led by Federico Vecchioni has signed an agreement with EcorNaturaS and its shareholders (Ulirosa, Alpa, Invest Tre, Dean Thomas William, Luisante, Ernst Schutz and Purpose Evergreen Capital Gmbh & Co. Kgga) which envisages commercial synergies in a logic of integration of the entire production and distribution chain and the entry of BF into the capital of the organic store chain. In particular, the parties will stipulate a commercial agreement for the purchase and distributionby Naturas, of the organic products produced and marketed by the Bf Group while the latter will subscribe to a reserved capital increase of 25 million euros which will bring it to 11.27% of NaturaS.

BF shares with Naturas the objective of bringing to consumers’ tables a wide range of high quality food products, grown in Italy and traceable starting from the seed, obtained through innovative, sustainable, regenerative and organic agriculture, capable of enhancing the excellence of the national agri-food chain and to protect the territory and natural resources of the country commented Federico Vecchioni, CEO of BF. The president of EcorNaturas Fabio Brescacin speaks of an economic and cultural alliance at the same time with a common goal: This agreement will allow EcorNaturaS to increase its availability of Italian organic products with those coming from the 12 companies and food processing sites of BF Spa – he specifies -. We will thus be able to further reduce dependence on foreign supplies and deal with shortages caused above all by the effects of climate change. But not only. BF Educational was founded, a training and specialization school to prepare young people and lay the foundations for healthy agriculture of the future. EcorNaturaS will contribute with its forty years of experience in organic and biodynamic agriculture.

The financial operation will make use of the resources deriving from the capital increase of 299 million already approved and for which the company has received subscription commitments from shareholders holding a total of 57.7% of the capital (Domp Holdings, Arum, Intesa Sanpaolo, Eni Natural Energies and Enpam Foundation). There is also an option granted by Ulirosa (NaturaS shareholder with 57%) to BF for the purchase of a further minority package of NaturaS shares held by the same shareholder. A shareholders’ agreement will be signed between the two parties which assigns the new shareholder a place on the board of directors and in the strategic committee. BF will also be able to designate a member of the board of auditors.

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