Billionaire from the Forbes list Anisimov renounced Russian citizenship

Billionaire from the Forbes list Anisimov renounced Russian citizenship

The former owner of the development company Coalco International, billionaire Vasily Anisimov, renounced Russian citizenship, reports Forbes with reference to documents provided by the businessman.

It is noted that Mr. Anisimov officially renounced Russian citizenship in September 2022. After renouncing his citizenship, the billionaire enters Russia solely on a business visa and claims that he has no assets left in the country. A business visa, according to Forbes, is issued to Vasily Anisimov from the company Bolshoye Domodedovo LLC, which he, like Coalco International, handed over to managers.

In December 2022 Vasily Anisimov received Croatian citizenship. This was stated in the notice that the billionaire filed with Companies House in the UK. In addition, the billionaire also has citizenship of the Dominican Republic, which he received back in the 1990s.

From March 2010 to September 2022, the billionaire served as president of the Russian Judo Federation, his successor became Sergei Soloveichik. Mr. Anisimov explained his resignation from his post due to family circumstances.

Forbes estimates Vasily Anisimov’s fortune at $1.6 billion. He has business assets in Croatia, the UAE, Kazakhstan and Africa.

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