Black Friday: only 12% of Italians consider the environmental impact of purchases

Black Friday: only 12% of Italians consider the environmental impact of purchases

It is the most awaited shopping day of the year, the one in which we prepare in advance so as not to be caught unprepared. The Black Friday, literally translated “Black Friday”, is the day entirely dedicated to shopping sprees both online and offline. But most users don’t pay too much attention to theenvironmental impact that these entail, in contrast to the interest that the topic of sustainability has aroused in recent times in all sectors. Only 12% of Italians consider the green aspect seriously, a percentage that seems to be in line with Spain And France. Overall, in all three countries, those who are most attentive to the topic appear to be the young people from GenZbringing up the rear instead is i Boomers from 59 years of age onwards.

This is what is highlighted by a survey conducted by Unguess And Afterpay with the aim of investigating the sentiment of Italians – compared with France and Spain – regarding this day. According to what emerged, there are people who will not take the environmental issue into consideration at all during Black Friday: in all three countries this represents almost 10% of the respondents to the survey.

The average spending budget in Italy will be 238 euros, with Millennials also willing to reach 272 euros per person. But, compared to other countries, Italians seem to be the ones who plan their purchases the least, but use Black Friday as an opportunity to bring Christmas gifts forward. However, not everyone will want to spend the same amount as last year, on the contrary: 19% say they want to spend less. “In short, between inflation and increased expenses, not everyone can dedicate the same resources to shopping as in previous years, even if in any case the largest percentage of those interviewed declared they wanted to spend more or less the same amount” he comments Alessandro Caliando, of Unguess. As for the purchasing channel, the web wins hands down: in the vast majority of cases (71%) Italians will only make online purchases. On a generational level, GenZ is the most likely to shop in-store, along with Boomers.

But not only attention to the environment: in the analysis particular attention is also paid to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), a payment method that allows consumers to make immediate purchases and pay in installments, without interest. A solution that will involve around half of Italian respondents (52%) next Black Friday. “In a constantly evolving landscape, it is essential to continue to strive to delve deeper into consumer preferences – he concludes Simone Mancini, CEO of Scalapay – The data that emerged clearly attests that awareness regarding Buy Now Pay Later has acquired a central role in purchasing decisions. It is now considered a good tool to improve your budget management by offering a flexible and convenient payment option. This option will be a fundamental support for those who wish to take advantage of the Black Friday offers, making the shopping experience even more sustainable and rewarding.”

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