Bloggers went to Start – Kommersant FM

Bloggers went to Start – Kommersant FM

The first channel with only blogger content appeared on Russian television. A platform called Epic was launched by the online cinema Start. More than 40 authors and over 400 hours of video that had not previously been shown on TV were selected for the TV channel. The broadcast network is assembled according to a thematic principle. For example, on Mondays there will be “epic cars”, on Tuesdays there will be “epic trips”.

Representatives of the channel said that their goal is to attract a young audience. But it won’t be easy for a new platform to do this, says producer and founder of the PurpleDoor advertising agency Alexey Pak: “You can attract a young audience, for example, not in cities with a population of one million, but where people still have the habit of watching TV. Because there are young people who watch it. Previously, for example, “The Bachelor” came out, they watched it on TV very often, and it was a normal story. Another question is how they will promote it.

The next aspect concerns a unique advantage over YouTube, Rutube, where bloggers have been releasing content for a long time in the usual form. How much demand this will have is a very good question. Perhaps their plans to attract a youth audience will change a little towards an older group that will watch this channel in its usual format – on television. In addition, the specifics of Internet content are important here in terms of timing, frame dynamics and everything else. I don’t know how suitable all this can be within the framework of television programs, whether content creators will be limited in uploading the same content to platforms where they already have an audience.”

The service notes that Epic’s themes will allow the channel to fill the niche of Discovery Channel, National Geographic and History, which have left the market. According to various estimates, they accounted for up to 3% of the audience share of paid traffic. For Russian bloggers, such cooperation with a TV channel can be very beneficial, notes co-founder of the Breaking Trends communications agency Yulia Zagitova:

“Any new project requires a huge budget for promotion so that many people know about it. Therefore, it will be profitable for the blogger to sell all the content to this TV channel. As for the large volume of the audience, it is not gained instantly, it happens after a certain time. Bloggers who collaborate with them have either successfully sold their projects to the TV channel, or decided to do an experiment and go from online to offline. This also often happens to gain a new audience. But only time will tell how this experiment will end.”

Almost a quarter of Epic’s airtime will be taken up by automoto content, Start clarified. This category features a show about extreme expeditions in the North “Moskvich in the Arctic” by Bogdan Bulychev. Travel content will be the second in terms of time spent. One of the programs in this segment is “I Want to Go Home” by Leni Pashkovsky. In addition, the plan included the popular science program “Editorial.Science” and the entertainment and educational show Geo.

Content for Epic will be different from what is published on YouTube, says one of the authors Bogdan Bulychev: “We transfer content that was created for YouTube. Some of it is exclusive, some has already received millions of views. There will be new videos, we are filming a new season. We have a large federal project underway with the support of the President of the Russian Federation: we are the first in history to travel around Russia along its land borders. Right now we are in the Arctic near the borders of the Barents and Kara seas.

Of course, we adapt the content. For YouTube, this is a more live format; it can be spread out a little over time. For a TV channel – 30 and 45 minutes each, with more detailed answers, but we will leave the entire live behind the scenes.

I can’t say that I was 100% interested, but they came to us with an offer, so we didn’t refuse and provided our content. Of course, this will be some other audience that did not watch us on social networks, on online platforms.”

The channel is already included in the NTV-Plus, Orion and 24TV packages, as well as Kinopoisk and Start itself. As a representative of the service clarified, negotiations are currently underway to include Epic in the TV channels of other major operators.

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Maria Shirokova

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