[Blow the Charge]Better together?? Bank of Shanghai Credit Card deeply engages in the protection of consumer rights and practices finance for the people.

[Blow the Charge]Better together?? Bank of Shanghai Credit Card deeply engages in the protection of consumer rights and practices finance for the people.

It cooperates with Xiaohongshu to accurately attack the “anti-collection” industry chain, joins hands with Jing’an Cultural Tourism Bureau and China UnionPay to stimulate the vitality of cultural and tourism consumption, and launches exclusive card types focusing on new urban citizens and newcomers in the workplace…

Heavy consumer protection, excellent experience, and strong service. Bank of Shanghai Credit Card has carried out a series of exploration and innovation in the protection of consumer rights and interests, and strives to build a more complete consumer protection system. It also combines new consumer groups to create new consumption scenarios, strives to provide customers with better financial services, and implements the original intention of finance for the people with practical actions.

  New measures: writing a new chapter in consumer protection for the people

“Contact us, and the overdue credit card can be processed successfully within 7-10 days of negotiation. The fees are low and guaranteed.” Xiao Deng lost his job at the beginning of the year, and his two credit cards were overdue. After she posted a complaint on Xiaohongshu, she quickly received private messages from multiple accounts.

What Xiao Deng came into contact with was the so-called “anti-collection organization”. They generally claim that they have business methods such as overdue personal credit repair, credit card interest suspension, and credit card overdue negotiation. They charge high service fees to credit card users and cause financial problems to consumers. Disclosure of personal information and privacy.

In order to crack down on the “anti-collection” industry chain, the Bank of Shanghai has joined forces with Xiaohongshu, a social platform where young people gather, to accurately crack down on black and gray industry communication channels, collect and organize relevant clues about “illegal professional agents” on the Xiaohongshu platform, and use official channels The relevant black and gray product accounts will be banned and notes removed from the shelves. Since 2023, a total of 1,205 clues have been submitted. Among them, 80% have used official channels to implement account closures, traffic restrictions, and delisting notes on relevant black and gray product accounts. Both parties have worked together to curb the spread of gray product information on online platforms and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers.

The Bank of Shanghai’s credit card business deeply implements the concept of “finance for the people” and regards protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers as the starting point and end point of financial services. Regularly pay attention to web pages and videos on online platforms related to suspended accounts and agency complaints, strengthen correlation analysis and penetrating verification of characteristic complaints and reports, and accumulate clues; strengthen information exchange and contribution among peers, and collaborate with the industry to jointly promote source governance and supervision Governance, blocking the channels for agents to complain and solicit customers from the source, and jointly maintain financial security and stability.

In addition, Bank of Shanghai actively promotes consumer protection publicity and education work, improves publicity planning, increases investment in publicity resources, and moderately increases interest in form, increases richness in content, diversifies carriers, and increases coverage in terms of reach. .

In 2023, Bank of Shanghai will carry out offline promotional activities in 80 locations, carrying out a total of 345 activities and reaching more than 44,000 customers on-site. The promotional content mainly includes “resisting illegal agency complaints”, credit reporting knowledge, preventing online fraud, etc., to enhance consumers’ risk prevention awareness and ability to identify gray products, and to fulfill social responsibilities with practical actions.

  New activities: stimulate new vitality in consumption

On February 25, relying on the “National Trend and Beautiful Four Seasons” Shanghai state-owned and state-owned enterprises’ consumption promotion campaign, as the first and currently only banking institution, the Bank of Shanghai joined hands with Jing’an Culture and Tourism Bureau and China UnionPay to issue consumer coupons to promote cultural tourism consumption. The third phase has concluded successfully. Bank of Shanghai credit card and debit card users can enjoy overlapping discounts to help the consumer market pick up faster.

This cultural tourism consumption voucher issuance event is not the first time the three parties have cooperated. Since September last year, in order to promote residents’ consumption and steadily promote economic growth, the Bank of Shanghai has launched a tripartite cooperation with the Jing’an District Culture and Tourism Bureau and China UnionPay Shanghai Branch to launch three phases of cultural and tourism consumption activities, reaching a total of 88,000 citizen tourists. The total amount of consumption driven by consumption coupons reached 8.495 million yuan.

March 8 “Goddess Day” is coming soon. Shanghai Bank Credit Card will carry out a number of consumption promotion activities based on the consumption needs of female customers, and will cooperate with many online and offline platforms and merchants to launch many “understand her” consumption scenarios.

For example, we have cooperated with China Duty Free Daily to carry out APP and mini-app consumption discounts, and rewarded female customers with discounts on imported big-name beauty products; we have cooperated with landmark business districts such as New World and Wanda to carry out shopping discount activities, and continue to create offline business district scenes. , in line with the shopping needs of female customers during the festival; catering to the consumption preferences of female customers for delicious food and drinks, we continue to carry out consumption discount activities with many well-known merchants in the light meals, baking, and beverage categories to create regular discounts.

  New products: precise services to new groups

As one of the important products of Bank of Shanghai’s retail financial transformation, Bank of Shanghai’s credit card business adheres to the concept of “Better Together, Better Together” and is based in core city circles, focusing on young credit card customer groups such as new urban citizens and newcomers to the workplace, taking into account the local market. Serving basic customer groups such as elderly care. Faced with customer profiles with diverse ecology, segmented needs and individual propositions, Bank of Shanghai Credit Card has developed its internal skills, strengthened connections, and grasped the pulse of the times to launch and build a credit card product system based on local life.

Taking serving new citizens as an example, Bank of Shanghai has launched a start-themed credit card for new citizen groups such as school students who are about to graduate and college graduates who are new to the workplace. It has two levels: regular card (campus version) and gold card (youth version). , positioned as the first credit card in life customized for young customers, and combining virtual and real digital card functions, convenient use experience, youthful and personalized card face, with convenient service experience and high-quality supporting rights and interests, it is suitable for this type of young people The consumer groups’ daily consumption needs and preferences.

In addition to the basic financial and consumption functions of Bank of Shanghai credit cards, the product also offers monthly gifts for new users. If you meet the consumption standards, you can receive high-quality rights such as video membership, monthly travel cards, and shopping coupons. Current students can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as annual fee exemption during the validity period of the card and graduation upgrade gifts. The supporting rights and interests closely follow the life consumption scenarios of young customers and new citizen groups, help enhance two-way value recognition, and provide a new entry point for serving young new citizen groups.

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