Borsa Istanbul Inc. General Manager Ergun warned investors

Borsa Istanbul Inc. General Manager Ergun warned investors

Borsa İstanbul AŞ General Manager Korkmaz Ergun attended the session titled “Financing Resources and Real Sector in Capital Markets” held within the scope of the 14th Bosphorus Summit organized by the International Cooperation Platform (UİP) this year.

Referring to the effects of capital markets on the Turkish economy, Ergun said that the developments in the last 3 years show the light of the Turkish Century.

Ergun noted that 107 billion TL of resources were provided through the public offerings of 139 companies in the last 3 years and continued his words as follows:

“I read this figure as follows: These 139 companies have financed their investments and exports with TL through the capital market in the last 3 years. Thus, they managed their exchange rate and interest risk better and financed their investments and growth in a more sustainable way. This figure means this to me. “We always talk about the share market and public offerings, but our Debt Securities Market also produces resources for the sector. In the last 3 years, more than 1 trillion TL of resources were transferred to the sector through the issuance of debt instruments. This figure was 400 billion TL this year alone.”

Stating that they have reached 8 million investors, Ergun said, “In other words, approximately one tenth of Turkey is a Stock Exchange investor, this was 1 percent a few years ago. It is a good development, but it is also a development that needs to be emphasized. There is still a lot to do in terms of increasing the financial literacy levels of the 8 million investors.” It means we have work to do.” he said.


Ergun drew attention to the importance of investors looking at a long-term perspective and acting with a partnership culture when investing.

Stating that 7 billion TL worth of public offerings were seen this year, Ergun said, “As capital markets, we have made a serious leap forward in the last 3 years. In the Turkey Century vision set by our President, on the accumulation of the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Republic, our country’s exports, investment, employment, “As capital markets, we will take more responsibility and role in financing growth and development.” made his assessment.

Pointing out the importance of young investors participating in the Stock Exchange and expressing his satisfaction with this, Ergun said, “Please do not rely on social media, follow the company announcement on KAP. Come and learn about investment there. We must work more on financial literacy, CMB pays great attention to this issue, “We are also doing important work in this field.” expressions he used.

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