Build a “big consumer insurance” work pattern and Fude Life takes multiple measures to convey the warmth of insurance services

Build a “big consumer insurance” work pattern and Fude Life takes multiple measures to convey the warmth of insurance services

  Elderly-related fraud has deep-rooted schemes, especially for the elderly, which seriously infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and has become a public nuisance to the industry.This year, the Consumer Rights Protection Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issuedNo.Issue 1 risk warning,That isElderly consumers are reminded to increase their awareness of risk prevention and beware of three types of pension fraud traps.

  “Recently, during the manual review process, we helped two elderly customers successfully intercept a loan business that was handled under the guidance of fraudsters, involving three insurance policies and the amount involved.More than 430,000 yuan.” said Manager Hu from the Operation Department of Shanxi Taiyuan Branch of Fude Life Insurance.

  Manager Hu mentioned“Manual review” is what Fude Life Insurance is targeting this year.A new special service is added for customers over 60 years old to handle business online.It is also the company’s implementation of consumer rights protection, focusing on the optimization and adjustment of business review requirements and processes.It is an epitome of carrying out key services for key groups of “one old, one young and one new” and constantly improving the construction of the consumer rights protection system.

  Focus on key groups to carry out refined key services

  “There are many tricks used by criminals. For example, they will deceive customers into saying that they have already processed a certain business. If they do not pay the fee within the specified time, they will be involved in legal disputes. If the customer is older, criminals will also send some fraudulent links to take advantage of the elderly consumers’ interest in We do not understand the weaknesses of network risks, and then defraud customer information and property.” Manager Hu said.

  In addition to the people who were tricked into taking policy loans mentioned at the beginning, Manager Hu introduced that there were also elderly customers who came to the company counter to verify the business processing status. In the end, they accidentally discovered that there were other products that had been improperly handled under the guidance of fraudsters. The staff urgently assisted the customer to call the police in time.

  “Confirming the purpose of the customer’s business one-on-one and understanding the customer’s true wishes will definitely increase the workload of the counter staff. However, through these interceptions, I feel that manual review is very necessary and very important.” Manager Hu said.

  Behind the above-mentioned meticulous services are the active efforts of Fude Life Insurance to continuously promote financial consumer protection work in recent years.

  to highlight“One old, one young and one new”To protect key groups and build a long-term mechanism for consumer education and publicity, Fude Life Insurance combines online and offline activities and comprehensively uses new publicity methods to enrich the connotation and form of educational publicity.In view of the elderly’s lack of financial expertise and weak risk identification ability, we have printed large-print special edition consumer insurance knowledge tips for the elderly, case-based insurance card booklets and other promotional materials; developed“Walking with one voice, guarding beauty” online learning and reading game; go into nursing homes and retirement communities, strive to enrich the financial knowledge of the elderly, enhance the prevention awareness and self-protection ability of elderly consumers, in addition, promote young people to establish a correct awareness of borrowing, Helping new citizens rationally choose financial products and services has been the focus of Fude Life Insurance’s efforts to popularize financial knowledge in recent years.

  ConstructBig consumer protectionWork pattern

  At present, it has become an industry consensus to attach importance to consumer rights and maintain financial security. Fude Life regards consumer protection as a key starting point and internal driving force to shape important competitiveness, and incorporates it into corporate governance and corporate culture construction. Starting from top-level design, it builds a multi-dimensional, three-dimensional and unified consumer rights protection system.

  Good services cannot be separated from good systems. Fude Life Insurance continuously improves the construction of the consumer rights protection work system and governance structure, formulates or revises a number of consumer protection-related work systems, uses systems to promote standards, uses standards to promote implementation, and gradually establishes a full-process integration of consumer protection factors, all employees The work structure for undertaking fire protection tasks. Guide the protection of consumer rights and interests from the overall plan, and effectively integrate the concept of consumer protection work into daily business development and business management. In order to ensure the implementation of relevant work, the company has established a consumer rights protection working committee, set up consumer rights protection structures and allocated corresponding manpower at the head office, branch and branch levels, making consumer rights protection an important part of daily operations. Examination content.

  also,Fude Life InsurancereturnIncorporate consumer rights protection and consumer protection review into the comprehensive risk management system.

  first of allFocus on prevention at the source, review products and services from the perspective of consumer rights protection, identify and prompt relevant risks, and strictly prevent products and servicesAdmission sickbuild the first line of defense.

  followed byFocus on key links, integrate consumer rights protection into the front, middle and back offices, strengthen internal control, assessment and supervision, truly, accurately and comprehensively disclose and inform customers of product and service information, and promote further upgrades in online service capabilities..

  FinallyFocus on dispute resolution, unblock multiple channels to accept customer complaints, establish and improve a diversified dispute resolution mechanism, and strengthen the full process control of consumer protection work before, during and after the event.We should pay attention to consumer protection at the source, strengthen consumer protection from the beginning, and have the main leaders take the lead in grasping the working mechanism of consumer protection.presentBig consumer protectionWork pattern.

  Relevant people from the company said that in the future, the company will continue to pass on all-round consumer rights protection work to customers.The insurance warmth of “Good service comes from Fude” shows the beauty of insurance protection and companionship.

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