Business creation in January grows 15%

Business creation in January grows 15%

During the month of January, there was an increase of 14.9% in the incorporation of companies compared to the same period of the previous year, with a total of 10,885 new companiesin contrast to the 9,470 registered in January 2023. These data emerge from the ‘Commercial Registry Report’, published this Monday by the College of Registrars.

According to the report, the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid were responsible for almost 60% of new companies established. Andalusia led with the creation of 1,917 companies, followed by Catalonia with 2,163 and Madrid with 2,177.

Increases in company incorporation were recorded in all territories in January, except in La Rioja, where there was a decrease of 18.2%. The largest increases were observed in Ceuta and Melilla (46.2%), followed by Aragón (39.5%) and Navarra (38.6%).

Regarding capital increase operations registered in commercial registries, they increased by 8.1% in January, reaching a total of 3,858 operations.

The registrars explain that in 2023 a positive and stable quarterly evolution was observed, with some exceptions in certain months and a slowdown in the last quarter.

During the month of January, a total of 282 were registered insolvency proceedings in commercial registrieswhich represents a decrease of 23.2% compared to the same month of the previous year.

The autonomous communities of Catalonia, with 86 contests presentedthe Valencian Community with 37 and Madrid with 29, together, represented more than half of the contests presented.

Regarding the distinction between voluntary and necessary contests in January, the former totaled 218 registrations, showing a reduction of 14.2% compared to the same month of the previous year, while the necessary ones were 64, with an annual decrease of 43.4 % in January.

The registrars explain that during the year 2023, widespread declines were observed compared to the previous year, especially after the end of the bankruptcy moratorium, which caused a significant increase in bankruptcy proceedings, especially in the fourth quarter, with an increase of 42.2%. “The declines in 2023 have increased significantly starting in the fourth quarter and in the advance of January of this year, the declines continue, at rates above double digits,” the registrars point out.


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