but more than half expires at the beginning of 2024 – WWN

but more than half expires at the beginning of 2024 – WWN

There are 35 thousand competition winners waiting to be hired in the Public Administration. Of these, around 20 thousand will expire between February and May 2024 and therefore if they are not hired by this deadline they will not be able to be called upon later. “Not listening to those eligible for public competitions means prolonging staff shortages in the PA: it is a job to be done already within the process of approving the budget law”, declared Democratic Party senator Annamaria Furlan speaking at the CGIL, CISL initiative and Uil with the committees of those eligible for the rankings in public competitions at the Berlinguer room in Montecitorio. «I believe there is a need for a major awareness-raising action on the importance of public work for the country. The main resource of the public administration are the men and women who work there, the effort to modernize the PA starts from them – added the Democratic Party senator.

The competitions

Those eligible are those who have not achieved a score high enough to obtain immediate assignment of the places provided by the four unique competitions announced between 2021 and 2022, but they should have obtained the place by moving up the ranking list. The competitions in question, in fact, were designed to have a high number of suitable candidates, even beyond what were the immediate needs, precisely with the idea of ​​providing a long-term response to the shortage of personnel in the public administration.

The demands of the unions and committees

There has been a shift in the ranking and recently made it possible to hire 5,253 administrative assistants. But now it seems to have run aground. Unions calculate that around 300,000 public sector workers will retire by 2026. So there would be room for everyone. For this reason they ask that in addition to holding new competitions, the government ensures the scrolling of the existing rankings. «The single competitions were announced following the unblocking of turnover to strengthen the PA and guarantee generational turnover. The rankings were created precisely to have qualified resources to be hired immediately without wasting time and without tying up other resources. Those who are suitable are not numbers, they are competent people who are ready to work”, recalled Mario de Masi, president of Cifa, Committee for Suitable Administrative Officials. Andrea Bordini, Uil Pa national secretary, underlined the importance of «investing in the PA, because it means guaranteeing a welfare state. There are offices that have closed because there wasn’t the minimum number of staff needed. invest in equipment and personnel of the public administration: there is a hunger for personnel, and the personnel who are already inside seeing ‘fresh forces’ will probably feel relaunched in being able to do better, because they see a future in the Public Administration. Today the personnel is increasingly disappointed by his employer, the State, not only in economic terms”.

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