Canarian commerce looks to Black Friday to reactivate stagnant consumption

Canarian commerce looks to Black Friday to reactivate stagnant consumption

Every day that passes means a greater effort to make ends meet. The general rise in prices -basic foods and other components of the shopping basket- together with the rise in mortgage prices leaves no choice but to cut back on what is not a priority. Soalthough the year began positively for consumption, with each passing day it regresses a little more and it is no wonder. Today around 20% of Canarians recognize that they rely on savings to make ends meet, according to a consumer report by Idealo. If we add to this a summer weatherthe situation in the fashion and textile sector could not be more desperate, with sales at a standstill and warehouses full of seasonal merchandise.

The sector is now looking to Black Friday, which will take place next Friday, November 24, to encourage sales and kick off the peak consumption period of the year, with Christmas. «Right now we are not selling anything. The textile sector is in the doldrums,” he says. the president of the Federation of Urban Areas of the Canary Islands (Fauca), Abbas Moujir.

Only in October and according to the barometer prepared by the Textile, Accessories and Leather Business Association (Acotex) sales fell almost 4%. “Everything that has to do with personal equipment is having a hard time,” says Moujir, who He is confident that, starting next week and thanks to the discounts and offers that will be linked to Black Friday, the consumption of the Canary Islands will be reactivated.

“We trust that the campaign will be successful,” says Moujir, who points out that many Canaries will take advantage of Black Friday to do Christmas shopping at discounted prices.

In the same sense it is expressed the general secretary of the Canary Islands Association of Medium and Large Distribution Companies (Asodiscan), Alfredo Medina, which ensures that the pace of sales has been slow in recent days. “We trust that consumption will move starting next week with Black Friday, where the Christmas campaign begins,” says Medina.

As he points out, Despite the economic uncertainty, consumption is expected to move. In addition, Canaries are usually characterized by their generosity when it comes to giving gifts at this time of year. “Now begins an important time for consumption and we hope it rebounds,” he says.

To boost consumption ahead of Christmas and, above all, to ensure that consumption stays in their area, some councils and town councils have approved consumer bonds. As Moujir points out, it is about spending “staying in place.” As an example, he points to La Gomera: on Wednesday the consumer vouchers were launched and yesterday a turnover of 90,000 euros had been invoiced in the island’s businesses with the sale of 25,000 consumer vouchers. “These bonuses help ensure that if someone was thinking of going to Tenerife to buy Christmas gifts, they would stay in La Gomera,” he points out.

As both highlight, although retail statistics indicate that sales have increased by around 6% for the year as a whole, The rebound is in billing due to the increase in prices but not in the volume of merchandise sold. «I always set a clear example. Right now we bill more for milk but the reality is that we sell fewer liters. Everything is summarized here,” says Medina.

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