Carrefour: products from giant PepsiCo back on shelves, two months after their withdrawal

Carrefour: products from giant PepsiCo back on shelves, two months after their withdrawal


“PepsiCo products are back on our shelves,” Carrefour said on Wednesday. “An agreement was reached, as we wanted, in the interest of the customer,” the distributor said, two months after the products were withdrawn from the brand.

Executive director France Alexandre de Palmas had published earlier in the afternoon a photo on the shelves, a bottle of Pepsi soda in his hand, with the caption: “It’s nice to see friends again that we haven’t had seen for a long time.

VIDEO. Carrefour removes Pepsi, Lay’s chips and 7 Up from its shelves

Lay’s or Doritos chips, Quaker cereals, Pepsi or 7Up sodas, Lipton sweet tea… “We no longer sell this brand due to unacceptable price increases”, Carrefour indicated at the beginning of January on posters displayed on the shelves of its supermarkets. France.

“No impact”

According to a source familiar with the matter, the delisting also concerned stores Crossroads from Belgium, Spain and Italy.

During the presentation of the distributor’s annual results at the end of February, its executive director of finance and management Matthieu Malige indicated that this delisting had had “no impact” on turnover, the group still having stocks of PepsiCo products which were marketed.

Asked on Wednesday in the United States, PepsiCo did not immediately react. A spokesperson for the American giant indicated in early January that “discussions with Carrefour have been taking place for many months and we will continue to do so in good faith to ensure that our products are available”.

The operation reflected the balance of power that develops each year between distributors and manufacturers, within the framework of commercial negotiations which determine the conditions of sale (purchase price, shelf space, promotional calendar, etc.) of a large proportion of products sold in supermarkets.


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