Catalonia is the CCAA with the most own taxes

Catalonia is the CCAA with the most own taxes


Catalonia is the autonomous community that has the highest number of its own taxes, up to a total of 15 taxes that were collected directly in 2022 by the Government led by Pere Aragonès, in the middle of the debate over the proposal he launched to collect one hundred percent of taxes, as is already happening in the Basque Country and Navarra.

This is stated in one of the reports prepared by the Barcelona Public Law Observatory in which the management of regional governments is analyzed during the year 2022, with data from the Ministry of Finance.

The debate on taxes has recently come to light after last week the Catalan Government proposed a unique financing proposal for Catalonia that includes the Generalitat collecting 100% of the taxes paid in the autonomous community, with a interterritorial solidarity mechanism.

According to the report from the Barcelona Public Law Observatory, Catalonia has up to fifteen taxes of its own, with which, according to calculations by the Ministry of Finance, it collected a total of 863.77 million euros, 45.2% of everything that all communities injected through these taxes.

The fifteen tributes

Specifically, the taxes that exist in Catalonia are: Civil Protection tax; water canon; tax on large commercial establishments; fee on the incineration of municipal waste; fee on the disposal of municipal waste; fee on the controlled disposal of construction waste; canon on the controlled disposal of industrial waste.

Also the tax on stays in tourist establishments; tax on the emission of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere produced by commercial aviation; tax on the emission of gases and particles into the atmosphere produced by industry; tax on empty homes.

As well as the tax on packaged sugary drinks; tax on carbon dioxide emissions from mechanically powered vehicles; tax on non-productive assets of legal entities and the tax on facilities that affect the environment.

Other Autonomous Communities with their own taxes

After Catalonia, the communities with the highest number of taxes are Valencia and Andalusia, with eight taxes. They are followed by Asturias, Murcia and Galicia, with six; Canary Islands, Aragon and Extremadura, with five; Balearic Islands, Cantabria and La Rioja, with four; Castilla-La Mancha, with three and Castilla y León, with two.

Likewise, the report also details the collection of own taxes of the autonomous communities with a common regime, with data from the Ministry of Finance, where the Canary Islands have been excluded given their specific tax regime.

At this point, Catalonia collected in 2021 a total of 863.77 million euros for these taxes. It is followed by the Valencian Community (221.31 million); Andalusia (145 million); Extremadura (113.85 million); Balearic Islands (111.53 million); Asturias (89.54 million); Galicia (88.65 million); Aragon (82.72 million); Castilla y León (70.33 million); Murcia (62.66 million); Cantabria (29.40 million); La Rioja (18.97 million) and Castilla-La Mancha (12.62 million).

However, The report highlights that the income from these taxes represented 0.98% in 2022. of the total income of the Autonomous Communities as a whole so that, “quantitatively, they are not very significant.”



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