Çetin Ünsalan pointed out the housing market! Who buys these houses?

Çetin Ünsalan pointed out the housing market!  Who buys these houses?

Dollar/TL as of this morning 28.93 at the level Euro/TL whereas 31.46 renewed its summit with. TL has increased by approximately percent against the dollar since the beginning of the year. 35 lost value. The depreciation of TL since June, when public control over the exchange rate was loosened, has been approximately 1%. 28 happened.

In addition, the global debt report published revealed the situation of households in Turkey. While the debt of companies decreased in Turkey, the debt of households increased by 10%. 11.6percent from 12.3It went up to .


Stating that it is difficult to realize the Central Bank’s year-end inflation forecasts Economics Writer Çetin Ünsalan, “Even if you take into account the targets in the medium-term program, you see that they are not very realistic. There is a critical situation in terms of the dollar and the euro. The announced percentage 61.5 Even if the Turkish lira depreciates as much as inflation, it will be below the level we should be at. 3-4 We need to be higher in lira. The dollar could be suppressed for a while, but now it continues its upward trend either because money cannot be found or it is left to flow. But no one believes TURKSTAT If we give depreciation equal to the inflation announced by 33-34 “We see the level said.


Ünsalan claimed that MTA prices will rise as long as geopolitical risks continue, even if there are ups and downs, and stated that the ounce price has lagged behind. “Gram gold is important because citizens prefer gold to protect their daily savings,” said Ünsalan, adding, “In an environment of uncertainty, traditionally citizens start to accumulate gold under their pillow. Having it under the pillow instead of in a deposit account means that the money is withdrawn from the market. This triggers the congestion in the domestic market. Gram.” “The demand for gold increases and the rise continues. It is not possible to make a price prediction for the end of the year.” he said.


Stating that unemployment will be one of the most important agenda items of 2024, Ünsalan said: “We know the economic difficulties suffered by the citizens, but the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Işıkhan, does not. He stated that there is no one living below the hunger and poverty line in Turkey. It is difficult to see the solution unless we see the problem. The issue is not just about bringing bread home, from the farmers who cannot make ends meet to those who cannot make a living.” “There are tradesmen” he said.

Ünsalan said that as unemployment increases, the informal economy will also be fed. “The collection target from SCT and VAT alone in the 2024 budget is 4 trillion liras. How will these people pay this money? A person who cannot buy a product at its normal price turns to unqualified, unhealthy and even illegal production. This is both a problem for public health and will increase health costs.” said.


Never falling off Turkey’s agenda, “money laundering” Ünsalan, who commented on the phenomena on trial with the accusation, drew attention to the contradictions in the housing market. Ünsalan stated that the housing market should also be examined and said:

“Despite the decrease in house sales in Turkey, the percentage of houses 80Not purchased on credit. So it was bought with cash. There are also a limited number of people buying houses. MASAK should look at this too. The housing market, which the economic management persistently ignores, also needs to be taken into consideration. While demand falls somewhere, the price does not increase. “If there are such abnormal increases and if someone is systematically buying houses, there is a problem here.”

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