Change, symbiosis and joint creation of the future | The 2024 Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group Excellent Partner Strategic Summit was a complete success – Times Finance – Northern Net

Change, symbiosis and joint creation of the future | The 2024 Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group Excellent Partner Strategic Summit was a complete success – Times Finance – Northern Net

In April, Guangcheng is full of spring and everything is reborn. On April 2, Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group successfully held the 2024 Excellent Partner Strategic Summit. With the theme of “Change, symbiosis, and joint creation of the future”, the summit saw Huang Zhenyu, chairman of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, Zhou Shiyao, director and vice president of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, and Liang Guojie, director and vice president of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, join hands with small businesses across the country. Distributors of Muxian Liquor Group participated in the grand event. This summit also invited Wang Shuzeng, a member of the China Writers Association and a famous military writer, Wang Xinguo, president of the China Liquor Circulation Association, Peng Hong, president of the Guangdong Liquor Industry Association, as well as experts and industry experts from all walks of life. Celebrities and media representatives, etc., explored the changes of the times and displayed the development results of Little Muddy Fairy in 2023 and the development plan for the new year.

  Moving towards new and higher, brand potential continues to increase

From the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan” in 2021 to the present, the road of “symbiosis and sharing” of Little Muddle-headed Fairy has been triumphant. In 2023, Xiaomuduxian fully implemented the business policy of “focusing on deep cultivation, collaborative empowerment” and wrote an exciting answer. “Xiao Muduxian always adheres to consumer cultivation as the center and promotes marketing focus, supply chain optimization and management innovation.” Huang Zhenyu, chairman of Xiaomudusian Liquor Group, said in his speech at the conference that Xiaomudusian will complete the company’s annual plan in 2023. At the same time, it also laid the foundation for future transformation and development.

(Huang Zhenyu, Chairman of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group)

Liang Guojie, director and vice president of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, delivered the “2023 Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group Work Report” at the summit. He said that Xiaomuduxian is taking the difficult but correct road of change and transformation. With the collaboration and support of all partners and company colleagues, it will live up to expectations. The company’s performance will grow steadily in 2023. In terms of performance growth and brand building, Breakthroughs and progress have been made in aspects such as cultural empowerment, consumption cultivation, and supply system optimization.

(Liang Guojie, director and vice president of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group)

   Multi-dimensional renewal and upgrade

In 2023, Xiaomuduxian will move towards innovation in multiple dimensions such as product refresh, IP upgrade, and marketing innovation. From the fourth season of the self-owned IP “Road to China · Forum of Famous Masters” to the upgrade, to the joint cooperation with two major cultural IPs – the large-scale dance drama “Wing Chun” and Zhejiang Satellite TV’s cultural column “Drawing Chinese Heart”, from high-end strategic large orders The Tasting Heart·Appreciation is on the market, and the Heart·Youran·Classic series has been upgraded to Xiaomuduxian’s high-end cultural and creative wine “Xiaomuduxian·Yuanqi Hongshan Jiachen Dragon Year Collection Wine”, and Xiaomuduxian’s high-end matrix value has once again broken through .

   Brand value reaches new heights

Comprehensively focusing on cultural empowerment and achieving diversified and integrated development, the Xiaomuduxian brand has been listed on the list of “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” for three consecutive years, with its brand value increasing by 23% year-on-year. In 2023, Little Muddleheaded Fairy will join hands with authoritative media such as CCTV, Xinhuanet, and People’s Daily Online to further convey Chinese liquor culture and enhance brand tension. With its strong cooperation with the large-scale dance drama “Wing Chun”, it won the title of “The 30th China International Advertising Festival” 2023 Integrated Marketing Gold Case” Award.

Keeping integrity and innovation is the key to the little confused fairy’s new progress. Peng Hong, president of the Guangdong Provincial Liquor Industry Association, believes that the 27-year-old bestseller is due to Xiaomuduxian’s persistence in brand, quality, long-termism and customerism. “It has both cultural history and quality assurance, and the taste is What history tastes is the reverence for quality and the reverence for brewers.”

(Peng Hong, President of Guangdong Liquor Industry Association)

At the summit, Xiaomuduxian awarded honors to a group of outstanding suppliers and partners in recognition of their unremitting efforts and efforts in core terminal construction, channel promotion, group purchase promotion, banquet promotion, high-end product promotion, dynamic sales and other aspects. Outstanding Contribution. Huang Zhenyu, chairman of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, issued letters of appointment to 23 “brand development consultants” on the spot, inviting people of insight to provide suggestions and suggestions for the development of Xiaomuduxian and jointly help the development of the liquor industry.

(Huang Zhenyu, Chairman of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, presented the award)

  Change and innovate to forge new development advantages

When the wave of change and innovation sweeps across, it is both a test and an opportunity for the liquor industry. Wang Xinguo, President of the China Liquor Distribution Association, said in his speech at the conference that the revolutionary spirit of Little Muddle-headed Fairy is “based on quality, guided by brand, and guaranteed by service. In this context, the reform and development of Little Muddle-headed Fairy is worthy of the industry focus on”.

(Wang Xinguo, President of China Liquor Distribution Association)

Huang Lei, chairman and general manager of Weijiu Media, conducted an industry analysis on the theme of “New Cycle and New Choices” and believed that in the future, Xiaomushixian is expected to achieve changes in the three dimensions of advantageous position, price opportunities and category opportunities.

(Huang Lei, Chairman and General Manager of Weijiu Media)

Lin Feng, Chairman of Beijing Cointreau Consulting, shared the theme of “How to Build a High-Potential Brand for Liquor in the New Environment”. He believed that the transformation of Xiaomushixian into a high-potential brand is a trend in four major aspects: industry, demand side, supply side, and value. direction.

(Lin Feng, Chairman of Beijing Cointreau Consulting)

The brand’s ambition can be learned from its steps. In the face of macroeconomic fluctuations, grading of the consumer market, and intensified industry competition, Xiao Muxian, who continues to keep pace with the times and absorb and explore more pioneering spirits, is embarking on a special path of “symbiosis of change”: product renewal. , IP innovation, marketing innovation, brand rejuvenation… Xiao Muxian, who is brave in innovation, promotes the high-end brand with “new” exploration. “In the face of uncertainty and challenges, only innovators and reformers win. Only by actively seizing the opportunities of change and actively seeking changes and seeking new situations can new competitive advantages be formed.” Director of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, In this way, Vice President Liang Guojie summarized the practical experience of Xiaomuduxian’s many years of reform and symbiosis, and also revealed that Xiaomuduxian will continue to forge new development advantages through change and innovation.

  Four persistences to reach new heights of high-quality development

In 2024, the liquor industry will enter a new cycle. The trend of concentration of liquor brands and products will continue to increase, and the involution of homogeneous competition in the industry will further intensify. How can Xiaomuduxian, a national brand that has been selling well for 27 years, achieve high-quality development through innovation, symbiosis with change, and achieve new successes?

Liang Guojie, director and vice president of Xiaomuduxian Liquor Group, summarized the key words for Xiaomuduxian’s development in 2024 as “going against the trend and coexisting with change.” He said that in the new year, Xiaomuduxian will deepen the “four major insistences”: insist on “creating value for customers”, insist on practicing long-termism and customerism, adhere to the business policy of “focusing on deep cultivation, synergy and empowerment”, and insist on high quality and reliability. Continuous development. At the same time, Xiaomuduxian will firmly promote the three major transformations of the marketing strategy with consumer cultivation as the core, create a “visible, drinkable, and experienced brand communication and cultivation system” and other related measures to achieve high quality and sustainability growth, and strive to promote Xiaomuduxian to achieve win-win cooperation among enterprises, employees and excellent partners in 2024.

  Embrace confidence and inspire a new journey

At the summit, Wang Shuzeng, a member of the Chinese Writers Association and a well-known military writer, delivered a keynote speech on “Gathering Hearts and Working Together to Create Glory”, conveying the spirit of “advancing despite difficulties, moving forward with perseverance, and moving forward with vigor and vigor” to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, and show that Chinese people are on the road to happiness. A historical deed and spiritual monument that is fearless in challenges and full of confidence in victory.

Born from China’s excellent traditional culture, Xiaomuzixian has always regarded the inheritance and innovation of China’s excellent traditional culture as its brand responsibility. At the group’s annual meeting in the critical year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Xiao Muxian used the historical inspiration of a great victory to inspire Xiao Muxian’s courage to innovate on the new journey, and also reflected Xiao Muxian’s continued excellent Chinese spirit. , the surging confidence to create new achievements.

(Wang Shuzeng, a member of the Chinese Writers Association and a famous military writer)

“New ideas, new ideas; ever-changing concepts, ever-changing ideas.” In 2024, Xiaomushixian will continue to use change as the driving force, symbiosis as the cornerstone, iterate the future with the symbiosis of ideas and changes, and jointly win the battle of business transformation and upgrading. Let’s fight together to create a better future.

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