China Everbright Bank’s first “Wealth Glow Festival” shines and mobile banking version 11.0 is launched simultaneously

China Everbright Bank’s first “Wealth Glow Festival” shines and mobile banking version 11.0 is launched simultaneously

  With the rapid development of the national economy, people’s wealth management needs are increasing day by day. At the same time, with the digital transformation of commercial banks, the wealth management needs of bank customers have upgraded from simply completing financial product transactions to pursuing diversified and personalized comprehensive financial services.

  China Everbright Bank is positiveadaptdigital economydeveloptrendto better meet customers’ comprehensive financial service needs,byWith the theme of “Beautiful Time to Shine + 1”, the first “Wealth Luminous Festival” was launched on November 20, and version 11.0 of China Everbright Bank APP was simultaneously launched. It is understood that Everbright Bank’s “Wealth Luminous Festival” focuses on mobile banking and lasts for 11 days. It continues to inspire customers through a variety of interesting methods such as interactive collection of sunshine points, experience of the 11.0 new function set, lottery times, check-in and sub-venues, etc. Enthusiasm for participation and efforts to create value for customers.

  Full of benefits “Wealth Luminous Festival” makes a better life shine

  China Everbright BankThe activities of the “Wealth Luminous Festival” include the main venue of “Launching New Years and Glowing with Momentum”, the wealth sub-venue of “Wealth Shines, Shining Freely” and the life sub-venue of “Benefiting People’s Life, Shining Calmly”.

  The main venue is focused on buildingThe “Better Life First Station”, “Lighting Festival Activity Guide”, “Sunshine Wealth Station” and “Enjoy Life Station” and other sections provide guides for various rights and interests activities of the “Wealth Luminous Festival”.

  The wealth sub-venue focused on topics such as pension and investment, and joined hands with Everbright Financial Management, Vanguard Fund, China Asset Management, ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, China Merchants Fund, GF Fund, China-Canada Fund, Taiping Life, Sun Life Everbright, and Minmetals Trust Co., Ltd.10 institutions provide customers with market reviews in 2023 and investment prospects in 2024, helping customers maintain and increase their wealth.

  With the core content of serving the people’s better life and convenient services, the life sub-venue launched a number of payment discounts and interest rate discount coupons including cloud payment, Lightspeed loan, credit card and other activities to enhance consumption vitality and allow customers to enjoy more convenient, affordable and Warm livelihood service experience.

  Service optimization China Everbright BankAPP 11.0 enriches the selection of wealth products

  China Everbright BankAPP11.0 has completely renewed and upgraded the five major homepages of “Homepage”, “Highlights”, “Wealth”, “Activities” and “My”. The page style presents “minimalist” characteristics, giving people a simple and bright visual experience. On the one hand, it streamlines the page layout, improves the quality and efficiency of information dissemination, and creates special functional areas to enhance the intuitive experience of information display; on the other hand, it launches a new “Activities” page to provide customers with a one-stop access to rights and activities for the convenience of customers Check the rights, points and other information held under your name, and quickly participate in popular activities. In addition, the five major homepages, wealth channels such as financial management, funds, insurance, and deposits, as well as the private banking version of the homepage, all have a one-click font size enlargement function, making them more friendly to elderly customers.

  In order to further expand the wealth product shelves, China Everbright BankAPP11.0 focuses on creating monetary funds and live money financial products represented by Zhangxinbao, Suixinbao, and Suixinbao No. 2. Its flexible and convenient transaction methods and smooth operating experience are very popular among customers.

  Focusing on upgrading digital service capabilities, China Everbright BankThe APP11.0 “Target Intelligent Investment” function provides fund customers with a full-process, one-stop, intelligent fund fixed investment service of “automatic investment at regular fixed amounts and automatic redemption when the target is achieved”. The “account book” function supports customers based on investment, consumption, and pets. Create ledgers based on themes such as life scenes, allowing customers to become “little masters” of life budgeting. The “income bill” service helps customers fully understand the profit and loss of wealth investment by year, month, and day, thereby optimizing and adjusting asset allocation.

  In terms of information, investment education and other content services, China Everbright BankOn the basis of continuing the open service features of thousands of people and thousands of people, the “Aspects” section of the APP has added multiple sub-pages such as “Follow”, “Discussion”, “Institution Review” and “Wealth Link” to allow customers to more conveniently obtain the latest information. For financial information, pay attention to view the original content produced by “Guangcaihao” and professional institutions, and learn about fund and financial investment education courses and investment strategies.

  In the future, Everbright Bank will adhere to the people-centered value orientation, focus on high-quality financial development, and continue to enrichA series of brand activities such as the “Wealth Glow Festival” strengthen the digital level in the fields of wealth management and people’s livelihood services, and continue to meet the economic and social development and the people’s growing financial needs by building a digital, professional and open wealth management service ecosystem , to help build a financial power.

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