Chinese influx to Turkey | Automotive News

Chinese influx to Turkey |  Automotive News

The Turkish automotive market has become the apple of the eye of Chinese brands. While only premium electric cars were sold in the Turkish market, where Chinese brands were not included until 2021, it reached its peak with 11 brands and 14 models in the last 3 years. Electric car infrastructure works accelerated with the arrival of Togg and increased sales with the Special Consumption Tax incentive given, whetted the appetite of existing dealers as well as Chinese automobile manufacturers. This year has become the year of 100 percent electric cars, the star of the market that grew by 800 percent.

The first Chinese electric car brand to enter the Turkish market was MG of British origin. MG, which operates within the SAIC Group, offered an accessible electric model through Doğan Trend Otomotiv and saw high demand, setting an example for other Chinese brands. After MG, Skywell, Leapmotor, Hongqi, DFSK, Seres, Maxus, Voyah and BYD, the world’s best selling electric vehicle brand, came within 2 years. 12 models of 9 brands are currently on sale. They are trying to get a share of the market with a price level of 1.5 million lira by keeping the prices within the 10 percent Special Consumption Tax bracket.

Another Chinese is preparing to enter the market before the end of the year. ATMO, one of Russia’s largest second-hand automotive groups, will bring another Chinese brand to Turkey. ATMO Group will launch the ambitious SUV and light commercial vehicle models of the SWM brand on Turkey’s roads next month. Stating that they trust the SWM brand, which produces more than 300 thousand vehicles per year, ATMO Group Turkey CEO Anton Chernov said: “We believe that the SWM brand, which is backed by a very important and large automotive manufacturer such as the Chinese Shineray Group, will quickly gain the appreciation of the Turkish consumer. “We believe that we will bring dynamism to the Turkish automotive market with our accessible and assertive SUV models,” he said.

Gürses Group, one of the oldest groups in the Turkish automotive industry, announced that it has reached an agreement with Hozon Neta for its mobility company GRS Automobility brand. First, it will hit the roads of Turkey in December with its 100% electric compact SUV model Neta U, before Europe. The Neta U model, whose price is expected to be around 1.5 million, offers a range of 420 kilometers. In addition, GRS Automobility will add 3 more electric models to its showcase next year. Another innovative brand of GRS Automobility will be Dutch Carver. Gürses Group, acting with the principle of affordable prices to meet the need for urban mobility, will bring a new breath to the Turkish market with the Carver, which has a 1+1 seating arrangement and the ability to lean 40 degrees in bends without tipping over. With the arrival of both brands, Chinese electric automotive manufacturers will be in the market with 11 brands and 14 models before the end of the year.

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