Click here to find out how to request the consumer bonus in small Canarian businesses

Click here to find out how to request the consumer bonus in small Canarian businesses


The Government of the Canary Islands has presented a new consumer bonus campaign that, this time, will extend to the entire archipelago. Find out all the details on how to request it, conditions and the amount that can be spent.

The consumption bonus from the Government of the Canary Islands can be purchased for 25 euros. Its consumption is multiplied by two, so a buyer who obtains it You can spend 50 euros in establishments who are attached to the campaign.

  1. How can you obtain it?

Starting next April 15, through the website, those interested will be able to buy it until they run out. In total, 80,000 of these bonds will be available to citizens, which will be available for two months.

The consumer who obtains the consumption voucher will receive a QR code. You will have to go with him to the establishment where you are going to do your shopping. Once there, the sellers will redeem the payment through the QR and will be able to tell the customer the remaining balance available in the voucher.

  1. How many bonds can you buy?

Each consumer will be able to purchase a maximum of four vouchers per person and per island, which translates into 200 euros to spend in small businesses on the archipelago. Therefore, up to 28 bonds can be purchased (four per island).

  1. In what establishments can it be used?

The consumption voucher can be used in all those establishments that join the initiative. Those who are dedicated to food, electronics, computing, telephony, DIY, toys, party supplies, bookstores, fashion, sports and accessories can register. Of course, they will have to be located in open commercial areas.

  1. Until when can it be used?

It can be used until Friday, May 31, 2024, the date on which its validity ends.


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