Confindustria, Garrone: “I’m taking a step back”

Confindustria, Garrone: “I’m taking a step back”


According to rumors from people close to Edoardo Garrone, president of Erg and number one of the Sun 24 Hours, the Ligurian candidate for the Confindustria race on the eve of the vote in the General Council, would be ready to give up the race so as not to divide Confindustria. A choice that would have matured in the last hours, in confrontation with his supporters. Garrone would have to deal with the Emilian Emanuele Orsini, a wood entrepreneur with his Sistem Costruzioni. A comparison at the last vote.

The excluded Antonio Gozzi, president of Duferco and Federacciai, a few days ago, had indicated Orsini to his supporters as the candidate to support. Shifting a significant package of votes towards the Emilian. at least fifteen preferences, over one of Carlo Bonomi’s deputies, with responsibility for Finance, Credit and Taxation, who left months ago to win the post-Bonomi presidency. On the eve of a match that promised to be uncertain, even if Orsini’s entourage has been considering for days that victory is within reach, Garrone’s move to avoid reaching a count and, perhaps, his defeat. Also a way to prevent the Orsini-Gozzi axis from being welded, perhaps leading to a more collegial and open management of Confindustria after Bonomi.

From this comparison, if Garrone’s sideways step is confirmed, the fact emerges that the small and medium enterprise model, that of Emilia and the North-East, takes the reins of Confindustria, overtaking the large enterprise of the North, between Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, which failed to express a single strong candidate, but was divided between two Ligurians: Garrone on one side and Gozzi on the other. A situation that then favored Orsini’s climb.


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