Confindustria: Orsini-Gozzi agreement for the post-Bonomi period, but there is the risk of defections

Confindustria: Orsini-Gozzi agreement for the post-Bonomi period, but there is the risk of defections


TURIN – Number one in steel and president of Duferco, Antonio Gozzi, between the two remaining candidates in the running for the leadership of Confindustria, on the eve of the vote he would choose who to support. The General Council is scheduled for Thursday 4 April in RomeBetween the owner of Erg, a company that operates in the field of renewable energy, and president of Sun 24 Hours, the Ligurian Edoardo Garroneand the managing director of Sistem Costruzioni and Tino Prosciutti, the Emilian Emanuele Orsini, Gozzi apparently decided to take Orsini’s side.

“The next presidency must put manufacturing at the centre,” Gozzi told his supporters last week, after deciding not to appeal. And another fundamental issue is Europe. For the man who represents steel in Italy and who has criticized many of the choices made in Brussels on steel, and not only, it is essential that the next president of Confindustria has “strong oversight over European policies” . And this is the point that allowed a sort of agreement to be reached between Gozzi who, according to the experts on Viale dell’Astronomia, did not achieve sufficient support to be admitted to the second phase of the tortuous path to choose the successor of the current number one, Carlo Bonomi. For the president of Federacciai, however, it is an unfair exclusion. But Gozzi has moved on. And it is not excluded that he himself could represent Orsini’s team in Brussels on the issues of rules affecting the industry. Or in any case a person close to him, perhaps part of the association, like Giuseppe Pasini, or another figure.

Will this agreement on Europe be enough to pave the way for Orsini? It certainly increases the chances of elections for the Emilian, even if the strong bloc of the North-West industry is with Garrone. It is no coincidence that the race for the owner of Erg was born among the big names of Northern industry, starting with Marcegaglia. And the rest, especially the North-East and what remains of Lombardy excluding Assolombarda, represents more the model of the small and medium enterprise closest to Orsini. Block that will not move granitically. Defections are hypothesized, many of them. With local associations that officially support him, but are then divided internally and the members of the Council, in the secrecy of the ballot box, on Thursday will also decide according to their conscience what to do and not just according to the team order.

Among the undecided associations are the territorial ones of Brescia and Bergamo. Tensions also in Vicenza and in the two territories of Veneto. And then what will Federchimica and Farmindustria do? They could decide to abstain, not favoring Orsini.


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